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Short Hops

Here’s a few links I’ve found that I believe you’ll find interesting to read while you watch the World Series on what used to be considered the world’s greatest waste of time… — Paul Daugherty interviews former Reds General Manager Wayne Krivsky on the Josh Hamilton–Edinson Volquez trade. I supported the trade at the time … Continue reading

2010 Reds

Our Championship

Tuesday night’s game was thrilling, liberating, life-affirming, and everything else. And it belongs to a whole lot of people who sweated, cried, and suffered over the last ten years. It belongs to Jay Bruce and his hop-off HR, obviously, but also to Dan O’Brien who drafted him in 2005 (along with Travis Wood, Sam LeCure, … Continue reading

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Trade Deadline Stories

I’m always interested in reading about what goes on behind-the-scenes of baseball front offices. As a bonus to the topic in today’s Baseball Tonight Clubhouse online article, ESPN’s J.P. Ricciardi shares a couple of Reds-related trade deadline stories. First, the Scott Rolen trade was almost undone by technical difficulties. As we were trying to send … Continue reading

Reds - General


I don’t know what to make of this, but I thought it might trigger some interesting discussion. From a Hal McCoy Q&A over at DDN: Q Isn’t the problem with the Reds the manager (Dusty Baker), as it has been since Jack McKeon was dropped? — Will, Dayton A Let’s see, since McKeon they’ve had … Continue reading