DRO: Who is the best defensive player you’ve ever seen in a Reds uniform?
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DRO: Who is the best defensive player you’ve ever seen in a Reds uniform?

This week’s respondents are Matt Habel, Steve Mancuso, Jim Walker, Tom Mitsoff, and Chad Dotson. Our Daily Reds Obsession: Who is the best defensive player you’ve ever seen in a Reds uniform? Matt: Billy Hamilton is definitely an easy answer because I have never seen anyone consistently make the plays that he does, let alone … Continue reading

The 1994 Reds: The Ultimate “What If?”
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The 1994 Reds: The Ultimate “What If?”

Every spring, even the most cynical fans allow for fleeting moments of optimism. After all, projections are based on past performance, and there’s always the possibility of multiple players having breakout seasons and carrying their teams to unexpected postseason glory. It happens nearly every year – prior to last season, for example, Baseball Prospectus guesstimated … Continue reading

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This Day in Reds History: Cincinnati starts the AA; DeWitt is Hired; and Reds trade for Boone

November 2, 1881: The American Association is founded to compete with the National League. The motto for the league is “Liberty to All” with founding members the Cincinnati Red Stockings, Philadelphia Athletics, Brooklyn Atlantics, Louisville Colonels, Pittsburgh Alleghenys, and the St. Louis Brown Stockings. The American Association will become known as the “Beer and Whiskey … Continue reading

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Barry Larkin and Dave Concepcion: Career shortstop rankings

Baseball Prospectus has published a new study comparing the great American League shortstops of the early 1990’s: Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez. The article is on the payside, so I can’t say too much, other than to say BP’s fielding rating system still shows Derek Jeter to be a really poor shortstop on … Continue reading

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Orlando Cabrera and Championship Shortstops

The Reds signed Orlando Cabrera to a free agent contract in the off season in an effort to strengthen one of the Reds’ biggest offseason question marks; that is, who plays shortstop or maybe the question was actually whether Paul Janish would hit enough to be the regular shortstop? Janish was the default regular after … Continue reading