Matt Harvey pitched for the Reds tonight instead of Robert Stephenson, Cody Reed or Lucas Sims. If it’s the case that the Reds couldn’t attract a decent offer for Harvey before the trade deadline, it’s hard to see that prospect improving much, if at all. How long will the Reds keep giving valuable rotation opportunities […]

Recently, I’ve developed an affinity for wearing Hawaiian shirts. With no hint of exaggeration or hyperbole, my free time activity of choice has become browsing Goodwill or other thrift stores for absurd, flowery torso wear. This shift — my entire life before this summer has consisted of earth tones — has derived of a combination […]

The time between now and the July 31 trade deadline may prove as consequential as any two weeks of the Reds multi-year rebuilding process. The team is close to being a contender. That seemed unimaginable in April. But we Reds fans now sense in our bones the wait is months, not years, for a team in […]

Billy Hamilton stole second off Yadi Molina on the first pitch.  Hamilton had entered the game in the 7th inning to pinch run for Ryan Ludwick. Todd Frazier drove in Hamilton for the game’s only score. Chris Heisey took Ludwick’s place in left field. Homer Bailey, for the second time in a week, shut out […]

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the next 11 months for the Cincinnati Reds, leading up to Opening Day 2019. The rebuilding process has reached crescendo. It now requires big, calculated expenditures of assets — money and players — on impact upgrades. The Brewers acquisition of Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain come to mind. […]

Yes, I appreciate the irony of an optimistic post about the Reds built around a metaphor of brightening skies while the Opening Day game is rained out. But let’s persist and use the overcast and now unoccupied moment to assess where the Reds stand in relation to being good. Reconstruction of the team progressed too […]

Eugenio Suarez had dutifully followed baseball’s reserve clause. He’d earned the minimum salary for parts of four major league seasons. 2018 would be his first chance to negotiate with a club and exercise his right to arbitration. Suarez and the Reds couldn’t reach agreement so they proceeded to a third-party hearing in February. The Reds […]

In the days leading up to Opening Day, we’ll be previewing The State Of The Reds at every single position on the field. Check out the previous installments of our Redleg Nation 2018 Season Preview series: —Catcher —Second Base —Shortstop —Center Field —Bullpen Third base is perhaps the place the Reds can feel most certain they’ll get […]

Whether I was reeling from the cumulative effects of a multi-season rebuild or because I was nonplussed by an offseason in which the Reds’ only notable acquisitions were thirty-something journeymen relievers, I nearly scrapped my annual spring training road trip this year. “I never go to Phoenix to see the Reds play the Diamondbacks during […]

The Reds, we all know, have certain pieces they should be looking to trade in order to free up spots for other players and/or because they players are unlikely to produce as well as they have in the future. The two most frequently mentioned pieces are Adam Duvall and Scooter Gennett. However, if those players […]

This week’s respondents are Chad Dotson, Matt Habel, Steve Mancuso, Clay Marshall and Tom Mitsoff. Our Daily Reds Obsession: Which Reds position player will we be talking about at the end of 2018 as being the biggest disappointment?  Chad: Adam Duvall, I guess? Duvall did have 31 home runs and 99 RBI last year (after posting […]

The Reds’ position players overall performance in 2017 was anything but a disappointment. The unit as a whole took a considerable step forward as several players put together career years. Perhaps none was as important to the long-term success of the franchise as Eugenio Suarez. Suarez’s 2017 was a definitive breakout year both at the […]