Marlon Byrd is on a serious roll. Byrd hit his sixth home run in the month of May in the 8th inning, which broke a 3-3 tie. Byrd finished the game with 3 RBI’s. Johnny Cueto pitched well once again for the Reds, as he allowed just two runs in seven innings. After Tony Cingrani gave […]

[We interrupt our regularly scheduled all-Price-all-the-time fascination to return for a moment to our previous obsession, all-Homer-all-the-time.] The conventional wisdom among Reds’ fans that Tim Lincecum’s new deal means Homer Bailey will be even harder to sign long-term is absolutely right, but maybe not exactly for the reason many people are thinking. In case the […]

How about this pitcher for the Reds 2012 starting rotation? • 12-3 win-loss record • 3.55 ERA • Walk rate better than Justin Verlander and James Shields • K/BB better than Tim Lincecum and Jon Lester • Younger than Felix Hernandez and David Price How can we acquire this pitcher?  The good news is, we […]