Matt Harvey pitched for the Reds tonight instead of Robert Stephenson, Cody Reed or Lucas Sims. If it’s the case that the Reds couldn’t attract a decent offer for Harvey before the trade deadline, it’s hard to see that prospect improving much, if at all. How long will the Reds keep giving valuable rotation opportunities […]

1. Votto broke his own Reds record for most times on base in a season. In 2013, Votto broke Pete Rose’s Reds record of 311 times on base in a season, which was set in 1969. Votto finished the year by reaching base 316 times. Votto broke that this season by reaching base 319 times. […]

[This article was co-authored by Mike Maffie and Steve Mancuso.] Paul Daugherty has authored a paper trail of criticism directed at Joey Votto that stretches farther than one of the slugger’s trademark opposite-field home runs. Daugherty, a sportswriter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, has written columns that questioned Votto’s toughness, willingness to play through injury and then criticized Votto’s […]

About five times a year, one of my fellow Reds-fan friends will bring up the hard-to-believe 1986 and 1987 Eric Davis seasons. The quote is always the same: “27 and eighty and then 37 and fifty!” When E.D. was 24 years old, he played his first “full” season as a Cincinnati Red. In 132 games, […]

[This post was written by Justin Berg, who has his own website at and @bergonsports on Twitter. Thanks, Justin. — spm] It’s the two hundred million dollar question on everyone’s mind: Will Joey Votto ever be the same hitter? I played golf recently with two good friends, both are huge Reds fans, one is […]

The Reds are 7-7 when Scott Rolen plays this year. They’re 1-4 when he’s out. They were 27-13 in his games last year, after the trade. In the 20 games Rolen missed after joining the Reds, they were 6-14. So, in Rolen’s three months, the Reds are 30-24 (.556) with him, 7-25 (.213) without him. […]