This week’s respondents are Jason Linden, Wes Jenkins, Bill Lack, Grant Freking, and Chad Dotson. Our Daily Reds Obsession: Will Jesse Winker win the 2018 Rookie of the Year award? Jason: Nope. Because Nick Senzel will. Yes, I’m serious. What I think can be realistically expected from Winker: an OBP right around .400, enough homers […]

The 2017 MLB post-season is upon us and, alas, our beloved Cincinnati Reds did not qualify for any hot playoff action this year. Yesterday, our staff here at Redleg Nation made our playoff predictions, and you all laughed at our sub-par prognostication ability. Now that the respective Division Series’ have begun, we can all settle […]

Joey Votto is perhaps the greatest Red in the history of all Reds. You may want to say Joe Morgan or Pete Rose or Johnny Bench or Barry Larkin, but you would be wrong because none of them are Joey Votto. Not only is Joey Votto just a step below the great Ted Williams (RIP […]

In the midst of the Steroid Era in the early 2000s, Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane saw other teams were undervaluing on-base percentage (among many other areas), instead placing a priority on qualities like speed and runs batted in. He realized he could put together a formidable offense without spending on high-priced sluggers and […]

[This post was written by loyal Nation member Ron Smith, a regular commenter under the name Old-school. We asked Ron to elaborate on a comment he made a couple days ago that we considered very thought-provoking. And he did! Thanks, Ron!] “We’ve just come to a point where we’re not going to lose anymore” –Bob […]

I recently came across an article discussing the makeup of the current Arizona Diamondbacks roster in terms of how each player was acquired. It is a curious exercise that provides some insight into the type of transactions that have most impacted a team, as well as the General Managers that have the most fingerprints on […]

[This post was submitted by loyal Nation member Matt Habel. If you remember, Matt wrote about Rebuilding While Rebooting a couple of weeks ago. Thanks, again Matt.] 2017 was not penciled in to be a great year for the Reds, and despite some early signs of potential .500 baseball, things will more than likely regress […]

Around the time Frank Robinson was winning the National League Rookie of the Year award as an outfielder for the Reds, Pete Seeger was rearranging a passage from the Bible’s book of Ecclesiastes into a folk song. The lyrics are familiar. A time to build up, a time to break down. A time to laugh, […]

So the Reds missed the postseason for the third straight year. That doesn’t mean baseball is over! The MLB Postseason features the best playoffs in professional sports. There are plenty of good story lines, and plenty of former Reds to root for. That is why without further ado, I’ll bring you my third consecutive MLB […]

This piece was submitted by Chris Esberger, known in our comments as Chuck Schick, and we’re happy to run it here at Redleg Nation. As we enter the dog days of the Reds 15th losing campaign over the past 20 seasons, I thought I would offer my special mix of random, mostly worthless facts and […]

The Rangers had won 7 straight games going into play on Tuesday, and entered with a 9.5 game lead in the AL West. That didn’t stop the Reds from continuing a hot month of their own, and now improving to 11-8 in June. Jay Bruce got the Reds off to a fast start in Arlington. […]

Bracket off Saturday and the combined score was 33-1. Leave out one inning and it was 39-7. That’s Ohio State vs. Kent State in college football. Tiger vs. the field at the 1997 Masters. It’s the Allies vs. the Axis in World War II. Thorough, complete devastation. For Reds fans, watching the Chicago Cubs obliterate […]