What we should make of the 2014 Cincinnati Reds? With 60 percent of the regular season games in the scorebook, it’s a good time to assess the team and look for insight about the year. If you’re in search for an easy narrative about a player, there’s a clubhouse full of them. Johnny Cueto can […]

Final R H E Los Angeles Dodgers (35-31) 6 12 0 Cincinnati Reds (29-34) 1 9 0 W: J. Beckett (4-3)    L: M. Leake (3-6) Box Score | Play-by-Play | Stats | Depth Chart | FanGraphs Win Probability The Good Joey Votto came back tonight. That was good. Other than that, there was nothing […]

Mat Latos is scheduled to make another rehab start tonight and reports indicate he’ll be asked to throw 100 pitches. If he feels healthy afterward, it may be his final start before rejoining the Reds. If that’s the case, whose spot will he take in the rotation when he does come back? The choices appear […]

Final R H E St. Louis Cardinals (27-22) 6 12 0 Cincinnati Reds (22-25) 3 11 0 W: J. Garcia (1-0)   L: T. Cingrani (2-4)   S: T. Rosenthal (15) Box Score | Play-by-Play | Stats | Depth Chart | FanGraphs Win Probability  The Good Brandon Phillips went 3 for 4 and Zack Cozart went 2 […]

Final R H E San Diego Padres  (20-22)  6  9 0 Cincinnati Reds  (18-21)  1 3 0 W: T. Ross (5-3)    L:  J. Francis (0-1) Box Score | Play-by-Play | Stats | Depth Chart | FanGraphs Win Probability The Good The Defense. Terrific plays by Roger Bernadina and Ramon Santiago are another reminder of […]

[Edit.: This post was submitted by Joe Atkinson, loyal member of the Nation. Joe is a native of Cincinnati but now resides in Evansville where he spends most of his days fighting off Cardinals fans and is co-founder and owner of Court Street Productions. Every night he convinces his young son and daughter to wear […]

Well, we’ve finally shuffled off this mortal coil called Spring Training. George Harrison, who just happens to be one of manager Bryan Price’s favorite musicians, once said, “…it seems as if winter in England goes on forever. By the time spring comes, you really deserve it. ” The late Beatle’s winter lament prompted him to ensconce […]

Hoo-boy. Am I really supposed to talk about the bullpen? I guess I am. Um. It’s ugly. Or not. It depends. Yeah, yeah. It depends. I don’t know, let’s go ahead and do this… The Bullpen 2013: 470.1 IP, 9.4 K/9, 3.4 BB/9, 3.29 ERA 2013 WAR: 2.0 (FanGraphs), 5.5 (BBRef) 2013 RA-9: 5.6 2014 Best […]

Based on the off-season moves, it’s fair to say that the Reds front office is counting on the change in managers to provide most of the improvement they seek after last year’s epic September collapse. A healthier Ryan Ludwick, Johnny Cueto and Sean Marshall will help. And OMG! Billy Hamilton. But you can’t wish away […]

The club announced their first roster moves last night, cutting the number of players in the big league camp to 44: Optioned to AAA Louisville: RHP Carlos Contreras, RHP Daniel Corcino, RHP Chad Rogers, LHP David Holmberg, OF Ryan LaMarre and OF Donald Lutz; Optioned to AA Pensacola: OF Juan Duran, OF Yorman Rodriguez and LHP […]

If you’re tired of reading about the Reds’ disastrous off-season, here’s a sympathetic heads-up to skip this post. Suggestions: Review your notes about wRC+, turn on the Olympics, read this or listen to this. But otherwise, you’ve received fair notice. Yesterday we learned there is an enormous gap between what the Reds are offering Homer Bailey and what the […]

[This post was written by John Ring, who is the Nation’s correspondent from Afghanistan, where he is serving the entire nation.] It’s all quiet —- some would say too quiet -— on the Reds front. No news on Arroyo. Choo is gone. No trades. Nothing. So while we collectively ponder the state of the current […]