The trade deadline rapidly approaches, and I expect the rumor mill to start spitting out nonsense at any moment. The Reds could use some help in a couple of areas, and we’re already hearing that they’ll look for relievers (again), but get ready for the silly season. That’s not why I’m gathering you here today, […]

Welcome to the end of this series. I hope everyone has enjoyed it. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your comments and I’ve really appreciated all the feedback from you. Last year, when I made this update, a lot had changed. Ryan Madson was hurt. Todd Frazier was sent down. This time, well, not much has changed. […]

The Bench 2012 Slash Line*: .235/.286/.347 2013 Projection: .250/.310/.380 2012 WAR: -0.2 2012 WAR/600 PA: -0.1 2013 Best Guess WAR/600 PA: 1.0 Projected Difference: +1.1/600 PA *The 2012 bench for the purposes of the above calculations was: Chris Heisey, Scott Rolen, Xavier Paul, Miguel Cairo, Wilson Valdez, Mike Costanzo, Henry Rodriguez, Didi Gregorius, Willie Harris, […]

For better or worse, Scott Rolen and Miguel Cairo are no longer members of the Cincinnati Reds. While each had their ups and downs, no one can argue the fact that both men contributed mightily (at times) to this franchise’s return to prominence. I choose to remember both their careers with the Reds fondly. Over […]

Catching up on Reds news, it’s official that Scott Rolen won’t be joining the Reds at spring training: While not definitively announcing his retirement, third baseman Scott Rolen and the Reds revealed Tuesday that he would not return to the club for Spring Training. “Right now I’m simply not ready to make a commitment,” Rolen […]

From John Fay: I’m hearing now that Rolen wants to play. That tells me the issue may be money. The Reds are at or above their budget for payroll. The Reds obviously can’t pay Rolen what he made last year ($6.5 million). How much can they pay? I have no idea. But given the way […]

Michigan resident and Redleg Nation member, Tim Brandstetter drove to Lima yesterday for the Reds caravan event and filed this report:  My wife and I made the drive from that state up north, Detroit to be exact, to the caravan stop in Lima, Ohio. We got to the Lima Mall around 30 minutes before the […]

Here are two reports filed by Redleg Nation members Andrew Bell and Jim Holmes who attended the Reds Western Tour caravan stop in Bloomington, IN. “Tonight the Reds Winter Caravan rolled into the snowy, cold, winter night in Bloomington, IN. One hour before the honored guests were to take the podium there was already a […]

[This post was written by John Ring, who is the Nation’s correspondent from Afghanistan, where he is serving the entire nation.] I’d been stationed in Afghanistan for about two weeks when I went over to use the ATM at the site on Base where the Afghans have their markets. It was about a mile walk […]

No word yet from Scott Rolen on whether he will retire, or whether he will return for another season. John Fay thinks he will retire, but that’s just speculation, since no one has actually heard from Rolen. I wouldn’t mind having Rolen around as a bench guy — he’s better than the Miguel Cairos of […]

From Rotowire: Dick Martin Award 2012: Cincinnati Reds Have Best Medical Staff by Jeff Stotts Share/Bookmark PDF Version First Posted 10/26/2012 Written by Jeff Stotts with Will Carroll The player falls to the turf, grabbing his knee or his shoulder or his hamstring. All heads turn as the man comes out of the dugout, a […]

As you may remember, back before the season started, I did a series previewing the 2012 season for the Reds. I was even so bold as to make statistical predictions that I pretty much made up. Now that the season is (sadly) over, it’s time to take a look at how I did. Note that […]