After a slow start that lingered through the month of May, the 2018 Reds offense has shifted into high gear. It has produced the third most runs in the National League. In June and July, our Reds have outscored the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Brewers, even Cleveland. In fact, they’ve put more runs on […]

The 2017 MLB post-season is upon us and, alas, our beloved Cincinnati Reds did not qualify for any hot playoff action this year. Yesterday, our staff here at Redleg Nation made our playoff predictions, and you all laughed at our sub-par prognostication ability. Now that the respective Division Series’ have begun, we can all settle […]

Everyone take a deep breath. Despite trying their best to blow a 10-2 lead in Friday’s series opener, the Reds (49-67) managed to squeak out an 11-10 win over the Brewers (59-59) and are now riding a three-game winning streak. Don’t look now, but the Redlegs have won eight of their last 12 games since […]

This is my last Billy Hamilton-related post for the foreseeable future, I promise. And this one really isn’t about how awesome Billy is. It’s about other stuff, too. No, really…I mean it! Hamilton, Cincinnati’s center fielder, has kinda been the talk of the town lately. I accept a tiny part of the blame and/or credit […]

If they stick around long enough, baseball general managers tend to get reputations. Jim “Ralph” Bowden would chase a five tool prospect for years. Wayne Krivsky never met a two-year contract extension he didn’t like. Billy Beane’s approach was detailed in Moneyball, while Brian Sabean is perceived to put more emphasis on scouting and intangibles.  The reality is never this simple, […]

I had forgotten all about it. So, naturally, I was surprised when my cell phone rang on that hot, humid and exhausting day. I had driven 650 long miles through the June night to get my son to the only game he would attend at Great American Ballpark in the summer of 2013, the 12:30pm […]

A report released this week about former Reds player Ryan Freel concludes that the high-energy outfielder had been suffering from a degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) when he committed suicide last year.  The website SportsNet re-published an article by reporter Brett Popplewell that offers a stunning narrative of Freel’s life and final few days. Warning: It’s not […]

Terrible news: First Coast News sports director Dan Hicken has learned that Ryan Freel, a Jacksonville native and former Major League Baseball has died at the age of 36. The cause of death is suicide. I don’t really have any reaction except shock and sorrow. Freel was a fun player to watch, and an interesting […]

Not surprising: Cincinnati Reds President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Walt Jocketty today announced the signing of free agent C Ramon Hernandez to a 1-year contract through the 2011 season. “We wanted to provide our young pitching staff with some continuity. We felt all of our pitchers were comfortable pitching to Ramon,” Jocketty said. […]

We all have our favorites. Ask any Reds fan about their favorite player, and you’ll get a bunch of different answers, for a bunch of different reasons. Here at the Nation, I’ve written about my favorite current Reds a number of times. At the top of that list is probably Bronson Arroyo, because it’s just […]

Baseball Prospectus has reviewed the Reds’ performance thus far through 2010 and gives their opinion for second half expectations. Playoff hopes anyone? Also is reporting that former Red Ryan Freel has retired after playing nine games in the Atlantic League this spring. stevepriceredlegnation

Rob Neyer’s ESPN Sweetspot has some interesting comments today. One that really got my attention (found in the Wednesday Wangdoogles section) was referring to a joint story written by Joe Posnanski and Bill James for Sports Illustrated. Neyer refers to more batters being hit by pitches today than before; Posnanski and James discuss other things […]