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This Day in Reds History: Forgotten Heroes

September 24, 1924: Reds starting pitcher Carl Mays wins his 20th game of the season as the Reds defeat the Philadelphia Phillies, 9-6. Oh, wait…may be this happened on September 20th…’s bullpen says it’s the 24th of September, as does “Redleg Journal” (by Greg Rhodes and John Snyder), but’s team pages say it was … Continue reading

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Flour from the Sky, Winning 20, Clutch Perez, and 1st Place

From…on this day in Reds history… On September 4, 1971, one of the weirdest and most frightful moments in Reds history occurred when a ten pound sack of flour drops from an airplane flying over Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The bag explodes on the playing field about 15 feet from Reds shortstop Woody … Continue reading

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Redleg Trade Review–Completing the Championship Lineups

We’ve reviewed some of the major components of the first two Cincinnati World Championship teams. We know that championship teams need big time players, but it takes more than just stars to win a championship (see Ernie Banks). Briefly, here’s how the other guys came about….watch for the number of waiver wire and contract purchases…it … Continue reading