In the days leading up to Opening Day, we’ll be previewing The State Of The Reds at every single position on the field. Check out the previous installments of our Redleg Nation 2018 Season Preview series: —Shortstop —Second Base With the responsibility of managing an entire pitching staff, framing pitches, and throwing out runners while maintaining productivity […]

Quantifying how hot any particular manager’s or front office executive’s or face of the franchise’s seat is at any given time is a foolhardy endeavor with no good answers. Unless you are the owner of the franchise. Then it’s not so much a hot seat as much as how you’re going to do payroll for […]

A couple of weeks ago, I took a look at the projections for the Reds offense. Things weren’t all that great. That’s fine, because as we all know, the Reds pitching staff over the past few years has been lights out. A big part of all three World Series championships in the past five years, when […]

The Angels are, apparently, committed to trying a six-man rotation. This is interesting, but as FanGraphs pointed out, also problematic because of the strain it puts on the roster. I would add that pitchers tend to get hurt, after all, and most teams have a hard time filling a five man rotation. So a six […]

This week, I found myself contemplating the recent declaration that the Reds were finished adding to the roster. So I sat down and looked at the roster as it stands, trying to see what I thought about the decision to stand pat. Tucker Barnhart C Joey Votto 1B Nick Senzel 2B Eugenio Suarez 3B Jose […]

The title of this post is deliberately misleading. You’re all thinking of the cartoon and expecting a post about how oblivious the Reds are being. (Some clueless editor even added it as the featured image on the home page. Good work, Chad.) Nope. Not today. There’s a lot of hand-wringing around the internets, which is […]

Since the 2017 season mercifully ended for the Cincinnati Reds, I’ve had this sticky thought that keeps popping into my head. It’s an image I have of a competitive Reds team in 2018, a contender for the Wild Card, and it requires just three simple moves by club management: 1. Insert Jesse Winker into the […]

Bryan Price said that four spots in the starting pitcher rotation are already claimed, according to Zach Buchanan, who spoke with the Reds manager today. Most observers would agree with slotting Luis Castillo, Homer Bailey and Anthony DeSclafani into that list, assuming good health. Each has pitched at least one successful, complete year as a […]

This week’s respondents are Nick Doran, Nick Carrington, the inimitable Mary Beth Ellis, and Chad Dotson. Our Daily Reds Obsession: Which 5 pitchers will start the most games for the 2018 Reds? Nick D: Well I wish Luis Castillo could start them all, but this isn’t like 1869 when one pitcher was all you needed, […]

This week’s respondents are Jason Linden, Wes Jenkins, Bill Lack, Grant Freking, and Chad Dotson. Our Daily Reds Obsession: What’s the best-case scenario for the 2018 Cincinnati Reds? Worst-case? Jason: The best case scenario is that they contend. Meaning that: Jesse Winker, Nick Senzel, Luis Castillo, Homer Bailey, and Three Other Starters perform to their […]

This week’s respondents are Nick Kirby, Chris Garber, Clay Marshall, Ashley Davis, and Steve Mancuso. Our Daily Reds Obsession: What should be GM Dick Williams’ #1 priority this off-season? Nick: I think the Reds need to start competing soon, and not only because my patience with the rebuild is wearing out. The Reds need to […]

Welcome to Three Reds Questions (3RQ), a new feature at Redleg Nation. Each week, a group of our writers – and maybe an occasional special guest or select commenter – will answer three important questions concerning our Redlegs. This week, our panel of Reds obsessives includes Nick Carrington, Ashley Davis, Chad Dotson, Nick Kirby, Steve […]