Chad recently wrote an article talking about a lost generation of Reds fans. I am among the lowly who barely remember the Reds last playoff series victory in 1995. I watched that entire sweep, but those memories fade just a little every year. I grew up on stories of the Big Red Machine. My father, […]

The Reds are in a bad place right now. I know it, you know it, and the front office knows it. The Reds’ starting pitching has been awful, their bullpen has been subpar, their defense has been anemic, and their offense has been atrocious. The Reds are last in all of baseball in run differential […]

APRIL -Season begins with a loss -Wins creep in -Winning intensifies -People have no idea what is going on or why. Fears of war, rumors of war, and the lion lying down with the lamb appear -40 year old Bronson Arroyo drags himself out of his Buick en route to the Early Bird Special to […]

Let’s go back roughly fifteen years ago. The year was 2003. The Reds finished the season 69-93, fifth in the NL Central, and had guys like Jimmy Haynes, Jose Guillen, and Austin Kearns manning the leaky ship that was the 2003 Cincinnati Reds. That same year the Reds drafted a right handed pitcher by the […]

I am the first person—and certainly the first woman– I’ve ever met who openly admits to being a terrible driver. Directionally, technically, mechanically:  I’m bad at all of it and I will tell you so. Just after I turned sixteen, the State of Ohio license examiner, who spent his entire professional life sitting next to […]

Baseball is broken–not in the way that the sport is dull or hemorrhaging fans or even having a crisis of faith due to its inherent danger (*cough* football *cough*), but in the way that the Reds are very bad right now and I need to blame something. So baseball is broken, but I’m not going to […]

Todd Frazier is awesome. He is one of the most exciting and fun players to watch in recent Reds memory. Frazier brings an incredible passion for the game, and you can always recognize that Frazier really wants to win. The fans in Cincinnati have really embraced Frazier as their star. He was even named the […]

Final R H E Arizona Diamondbacks (46-61)  0 5 0 Cincinnati Reds (53-53)  3 7 2 W: Leake (8-9)   L: Cahill (1-8)   S: Chapman (23) Box Score | Play-By-Play | Photos | FanGraphs Win Probability The Reds were able to get their second win of the second half, beating the Diamondbacks 3-0. Leake, Broxton, and […]

Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (51-50)  1 5 1 Milwaukee Brewers (57-45)  5 12 1 W: Lohse (11-4) L: Leake (7-9) Box Score | Play-by-Play | Game Thread | Photos | Win Probability The Reds got swept again, and are now 0-6 in the second half. The Reds have fallen to 5.5 games back in the NL Central. The offensive woes continue. The Reds have scored just […]

Final R H E   Cincinnati Reds  (51-47) 2 6 1   New York Yankees  (50-47) 3 11 1  W: Chapman (0-3) L: Robertson (1-2)  Box Score |   Play-by-Play    |   Game Thread    |    Photos   |  Win Probability The Reds got swept by the Yankees, in glorious TOOTBLAN fashion. With a runner on third base and 1 out in the 9th inning of a […]

10. June 21: Reds respond with 11-1 win against the Blue Jays [mlbvideo id=”33930697″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /] The day after the Reds blew an 8-0 lead (eventually losing 14-9), the Reds came back with a vengeance the following afternoon. The Reds stomped the Blue Jays 11-1. It was a huge bounce-back win for the Redlegs, […]

We have made it to the exact halfway point of the 2014 season for your Cincinnati Reds.  The Reds sit at 43-38, 6.5 games back in the NL Central, and in a 3-way tie for the second wildcard spot with the Cardinals and Nationals.  This is a good point in the season to compare each […]