In the days leading up to Opening Day, we’ll be previewing The State Of The Reds at every single position on the field. Check out the previous installments of our Redleg Nation 2018 Season Preview series: —Shortstop —Second Base With the responsibility of managing an entire pitching staff, framing pitches, and throwing out runners while maintaining productivity […]

The 2017 MLB post-season is upon us and, alas, our beloved Cincinnati Reds did not qualify for any hot playoff action this year. Yesterday, our staff here at Redleg Nation made our playoff predictions, and you all laughed at our sub-par prognostication ability. Now that the respective Division Series’ have begun, we can all settle […]

With apologies to everyone who believes the Reds will contend next year, they won’t–it’s foolhardy to think otherwise. I know, I know: “stay optimistic” and “anything can happen” and “baseball is a funny game” and “just look at the prospects!” Look, I hear you. On paper, the Reds could have a shot to scoop up a Wild […]

Opening Day. Opening Day is one game, at one place and at the Sanctuary City of Baseball on the banks of the Ohio River. To Reds fans and the City of Cincinnati, Opening Day is close to sacred. This is nothing new to readers of this web site or to Reds fans in general. 29 […]

Okay, enough of this one player per preview nonsense. At catcher, we will finally be forced to deal with a position where multiple players should see significant time. Before I begin, I want to preface this preview with something: I do not believe advanced stats are doing an adequate job with catchers. There has been […]

Beginning tonight for five consecutive Mondays, Fox Sports Ohio will be airing Cincinnati Reds baseball games. The first three Mondays include classic games from the 2011 season, including the walk-off opening day win against the Milwaukee Brewers. The fourth Monday will wrap up the “Reds Classic Rewind” schedule with this Barry Larkin game from 1999. […]

Ramon Hernandez is now a former Red. Clutch Man Monie has signed a two-year deal with Colorado. That ends a pretty good three-year tenure for Hernandez behind the plate in Cincinnati. I’m not surprised Ramon is leaving, but I was very surprised at how productive he was as a Red. I wish him nothing but […]

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Charlie Bucket, standing outside the chocolate factory, wondering what confection is being fashioned inside.  Or perhaps I’m feeling more like one of those unwashed children in a Charles Dickens novel, hands outstretched, offering a simple plaintive wail: More starting pitching please, sir.  “Sir” being GM Walt Jocketty. Jocketty is ever the […]

More and more, we are learning the importance of catcher defense. Lately, there has been a great deal of research about the influence catchers can have over ball and strike calls. Recently, the most balanced, definitive study to date came out from Baseball Prospectus. Now, no one – No One – is yet claiming that […]

What went wrong in 2011? (Okay, what didn’t go wrong?) This is a week or two old, but I hadn’t had a chance to link to it yet. Our friend Mo Egger has given the Reds a detention lecture: Where do we begin? Let’s start by ignoring common sense. Jonny Gomes was great in 2010. […]

One of the themes of Redleg Nation prior to 2010 was that the organization often appeared to be drifting, with no plan as to how to return to glory. After a lost 2011, following an off-season in which Cincinnati did nothing to improve, it’s time to ask those questions again. Although — as usual — […]

Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle…. FINAL Chicago (NL) 2 Cincinnati 7 W: S. LeCure (1-1) L: C. Coleman (2-8) BOX SCORE POSITIVES –Ramon Hernandez was 2-3 with a 3-run homer, a double, and 2 runs scored. Chris Heisey also had two hits, with a homer and 2 RBI. –Juan Francisco and Edgar Renteria each had […]