2012 Reds / Barry Larkin: Hall of Famer

Weekly Reds Games on TV in February

Beginning tonight for five consecutive Mondays, Fox Sports Ohio will be airing Cincinnati Reds baseball games. The first three Mondays include classic games from the 2011 season, including the walk-off opening day win against the Milwaukee Brewers. The fourth Monday will wrap up the “Reds Classic Rewind” schedule with this Barry Larkin game from 1999. … Continue reading

2012 Reds / Food Metaphors / Reds - General

I’ve Got Another Puzzle For You

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Charlie Bucket, standing outside the chocolate factory, wondering what confection is being fashioned inside.  Or perhaps I’m feeling more like one of those unwashed children in a Charles Dickens novel, hands outstretched, offering a simple plaintive wail: More starting pitching please, sir.  “Sir” being GM Walt Jocketty. Jocketty is ever the … Continue reading