I love the Cincinnati Reds. I shouldn’t actually have to say that, since I’ve been writing about the Reds — and demonstrating my obsession with this infernal team — nearly every single day here at Redleg Nation for the last nine seasons. But make no mistake: I love the Cincinnati Reds National League Baseball Club, […]

May 9, 1983: John Franco is traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers with Brett Wise (minors) to the Cincinnati Reds for Rafael Landestoy. December 6, 1989: John Franco is traded by the Cincinnati Reds with Don Brown (minors) to the New York Mets for Kip Gross and Randy Myers. The Reds have had a rich […]

(This post was written by long-time friend of the Nation Michael Howes.) I have started to wonder just how bad this offense is. It’s not the worst in baseball (which is shocking) and the As and Giants are significantly worse offenses than the Reds so far this year. But how does this Reds offense compare […]