So, last night on Twitter, I made the egregious suggestion that Scooter Gennett was likely not a player to count on over the long term. Correspondingly, my mentions caught fire like dry brush at a fireworks show. Today, we’re gonna do something. We’re gonna look at every player currently playing a prominent role on the […]

The Reds have stumbled into some tough decisions that need to be made regarding the future of the middle infield. Several names been both added and subtracted from the list of candidates over the past year or two, leading us to the current state of the roster that features Jose Peraza and Scooter Gennett. With […]

By the time you’re reading this, I will have had my college degree conferred, thrown the cap, and taken pictures ad nauseum. In other words, currently I’m probably napping because 7 a.m. is just too early for a college student. Now, before continuing, I would like to apologize for that opening a) if it made […]

Bear with me, kids. The school year is coming to a close an my eyes are about to bleed from the grading. Fortunately, I have a thermos full of student tears to sustain me, but my brain is just about melted, so this might be a little brief and/or wacky. By the time people read […]

Don’t look now (or maybe, yes, do look) the Cincinnati Reds went 5-2 on the dreaded West coast road trip. That’s good for any team, but great for one that limped out of April with a 7-22 record. The good guys have won 7 of the last 9.  The team has an off day on […]

In the classic film Good Will Hunting, the title character and his friends get into a fight on a basketball court with another group of young men. Will slugs his adversary in the face, vengeance for the way this individual treated Will when they were both in elementary school. The police come, and Will ill-advisedly […]

If you Google “nick senzel vertigo,” the search engine will return 5,660 results in 0.52 seconds, with the first reading “Vertigo behind him, Nick Senzel ready to help the Cincinnati Reds.” The headline gives false promise, talking about Senzel’s first bout of vertigo, not this current second iteration. For up-to-date information, it only takes looking […]

Last night, I was in attendance for Robert Stephenson’s start in Louisville. In the first inning, Stephenson hit Edwin Espinal in the face, breaking his jaw. He also hit the first batter of the second inning and things got very tense for a while. And yet, he went 6 innings on 88 pitches, allowing 1 […]

Previous installments in the “Contracts for the New Core” series: Billy Hamilton | Eugenio Suarez On March 26th, just days before the 2018 season would officially start, the Philadelphia Phillies signed prospect Scott Kingery to a six-year, $24 million dollar contract. The signing stuck out for obvious reasons – Kingery would become just the second drafted […]

The Reds trade of C Devin Mesoraco for RH SP Matt Harvey wasn’t the only move in the Reds organization the last few days. The following are a several additional notable moves the Reds made recently down on the farm. 2B Dilson Herrera was recently promoted to the AAA Louisville Bats from the A+ Daytona […]

The Cincinnati Reds (8-27) will try again tonight at 7:10 PM at Great American Ballpark against the New York Mets (18-15). The Reds are an abysmal 1-6 on the current homestand. Starting Pitchers Tonight’s matchup features two pitchers who have never faced their opponent. The only batter that Castillo is faced is Frazier (1 for […]

Joey Votto played 169 games at AA and AAA in the minor leagues. The Reds were patient with Votto, and it paid off for them. Votto recently said in an interview that at the time he was upset with the Reds for waiting so long to call him up, but that it helped him develop […]