If you said that the Chicago Cubs ran away with the NL Central in 2016, that would be a major understatement. The Cubs were so dominant in the NL Central in 2016 that they clinched the division on September 16th. That was the quickest the Cubs ever clinched a division. The Cubs 103 wins are […]

The Cubs magic number to clinch the NL Central is down to 20. The Cubs have five more wins than the next closest team in baseball, the Texas Rangers (77). The wild-card race however is completely up for grabs. The Pirates have won four straight games, and now trail the Cardinals by just a half […]

There are less than 40 games left for everyone in the division except the Pirates (they have 39 games left). The Cubs now have a 99.9% chance of winning the division according to Fangraphs. The Cardinals currently hold the second wild card spot, and the Pirates are 3.0 games behind them. I’m sure you already […]

The Cubs have recently gone an 11-game winning streak, and appear to be in complete control of the NL Central. The Cardinals and Pirates are both right in the middle of a heated race for the second wild card spot. The Reds are 16-11 in the second half, and are starting to compete with the […]

The Cubs gained four games in the NL Central, and their chances of winning the division are now up to 99.6% according to Fangraphs. The Cubs are currently riding a seven game winning streak. The Cubs swept the A’s over the weekend, and their pitching was magnificent, allowing just 3 totals runs in the 3-game […]

The Cubs still hold a 7.5 game lead over the Cardinals, the exact same amount as last week. The Cubs made a big move acquiring Aroldis Chapman last Monday. The Cardinals also acquired a really good reliever in Zach Duke, but with far less of the fanfare. However, the big story of the NL Central […]

The Cubs continue to hold a big lead in the NL Central. The Cubs currently have a 93.7% chance of winning the division according to Fangraphs. The Cardinals and Pirates are both within a couple games of a wild-card spot. The trade deadline is next Monday, so today we will look at all the rumors […]

The Chicago Cubs have pushed their lead in the NL Central back up to 8.0 games after a series win over the Texas Rangers to begin the second half. The Cardinals and Pirates chances of winning the NL Central are growing slimmer, but both teams are right in the middle of the wild card race. […]

The Chicago Cubs were swept in a four game series to the New York Mets, and have now lost 10 of their last 14 games. Yet, somehow, someway they are still up eight games in the NL Central. That may say a little bit about the rest of the division, but it also says a […]

The Chicago Cubs can no longer claim that they have the most wins in baseball. They were passed on Sunday by the Giants and Rangers, who both now have 49 wins (1 more than the Cubs). The Cubs have lost 6 of 7, but still hold a 9.0 game lead in the division over the […]

First things first……the movie Central Intelligence, staring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart is not based off my weekly column. I know many would like to think the movie which debuted on Friday by making $13 million is based off a Redleg Nation column, but that is not the truth. They have also completely […]

The Cubs are still rolling. They’ve won four more games than any other team in baseball, and have a +162 run differential. The next closest in baseball is the Red Sox at +84. The Cubs currently have a .705 win percentage, which is their highest mark since 1907. The Cubs haven’t even had a winning […]