The Reds play at Coors Field this afternoon for their tenth win in a row. They haven’t had a ten-game winning streak since 1999. They also have the chance for a 6-0 road trip before heading back to GABP to play the Padres and an enormously important series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Standings:¬†Your Cincinnati Reds […]

It seems like only yesterday when all we had to worry about was Todd Frazier’s playing time, a deluge of sacrifice bunts, Juan Pierre and the incredible disappearing Aroldis Chapman. Where did those far happier times go? Welcome Nation, to the new, grim reality of obsessing over Joey Votto’s left meniscus. Obligatory outrage section.The Reds […]

Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle…. FINAL Arizona 5 Cincinnati 3 W: W. Miley (10-5) L: B. Arroyo (4-6) S: J. Putz (17) BOX SCORE POSITIVES –Brandon Phillips had two hits, including a double, and an RBI. Drew Stubbs moved into the leadoff spot and reached base three times, plus he drove in two runs. Chris […]

Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle…. FINAL Cincinnati 0 San Francisco 5 W: M. Bumgarner (10-4) L: J. Cueto (9-4) BOX SCORE POSITIVES –None. NEGATIVES –The defense was miserable tonight; even the better defenders on the club were hacking it up in the field. Jay Bruce made an error, Scott Rolen made an error, Todd Frazier […]

Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle…. FINAL — 10 innings Detroit 5 Cincinnati 6 W: S. LeCure (2-1) L: P. Coke (1-2) BOX SCORE POSITIVES –Miguel Cairo. You heard me: Miguel Cairo. Cairo had two hits and two runs. In the bottom of the tenth, Cairo led off the inning with a stand-up triple. Two batters […]

Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle…. FINAL Cincinnati 3 Houston 5 W: J. Lyles (1-1) L: B. Arroyo (2-4) S: B. Myers (13) BOX SCORE POSITIVES –Zack Cozart had two hits and two RBI on his sixth homer of the season. Todd Frazier had a double and scored a run in his only AB after entering […]

The Reds have not been the hitters we all expected them to be this year, right? I mean, night in, night out, this is the question that keeps popping up. When are they going to hit? Or, even worse, are they going to hit? It’s a complicated question. The Reds’ poor offensive performance comes from […]

Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle…. FINAL Cincinnati 6 Milwaukee 1 W: B. Arroyo (2-1) L: M. Estrada (0-2) BOX SCORE POSITIVES –How about Bronson Arroyo? He continues to impress. Tonight he went six and two-thirds, allowing one run on six hits. He struck out nine and walked just one. Outstanding. –Great work by Logan Ondrusek […]

According to John Fay, the Reds outrighted Willie Harris to Louisville. He has 72 hours to report. I’m assuming he’s out of options and has to pass through waivers…or can probably become a FA. I’m guessing on those…but Frazier stays and Harris goes.. Bill LackI’ve been a Reds fan since the late ’60’s, with my […]

Some news and notes from around the interwebs: – has a pretty good feature on Todd Frazier. The good news is the confirmation that Frazier will be playing primarily third base down at Louisville. There’s also this, on Frazier’s reaction to the Opening Day/Alfredo Simon fiasco: “It’s an unfortunate circumstance, but it happens,” Frazier said. […]

I tried to put this one off, I really did, but it’s time. Spring training is winding down (it really is, it just seems endless) and it’s time to talk about third base. I have a hard time being objective about Scott Rolen. I’ve been a fan of his since well before he was a […]

Ryan Ludwick is the newest member of the Reds and I have some seriously mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, the Reds needed outfield depth. On the other hand, this negatively affects the construction of the bench. As I read the tea leaves, the following players are locks to make the team: Hanigan, […]