We watch baseball because it’s fun. The strategy on and off the field invigorates us. Not only is the game fun, but we connect to family and friends through baseball and its tradition. As the World Series winds up every year, I always find myself fearing the long, cold, baseball-less winter that emerges. In the […]

Lots of interesting decisions are going to be made today with respect to the composition of Cincinnati’s 40-man roster: The deadline to protect players on the 40-man roster is Friday. Those eligible for the Rule 5 Draft include anyone not on the 40-man roster who was signed as an 18-year-old in 2012, or at 19 […]

The post-World Series realignment on the fringes of the Cincinnati Reds roster continues: Two more players came off of the Reds’ 40-man roster on Friday. The A’s claimed right-handed reliever Josh Smith off waivers, while the Reds outrighted utility player Ivan De Jesus Jr. to Triple-A Louisville. The 29-year-old Smith appeared in 41 games over […]

Final R H E Chicago Cubs (102-57) 7 8 0 Cincinnati Reds (67-93) 3 5 0 W: Jake Buchanan (1-0) L: Josh Smith (3-3)  FanGraphs Probability ǀ Box Score The Hitters There wasn’t a whole lot to get excited about until the ninth inning, when Joey Votto (who else?) provided some fireworks. One night after taking a ball off […]

Well, we’ve made it. The end of the season is nigh and even the umpires have given up on this whole affair. Our Reds (67-92) get to be either the last roadblock for the Cubs (101-57) or the last tuneup they get prior to the playoffs. Either way, having the season end with a series […]

The Reds pitching staff has been largely terrible in 2016. A whopping 31 pitchers (and Tyler Holt) took the mound for the club, allowing an MLB record 251 home runs (as of Tuesday night) and posting a collective 0.0 fWAR as a group, the third-worst mark in baseball history. While the overall numbers make it look […]

Yes, we have known for a long time that Cincinnati’s pitching has been brutal this year. Yes, this staff broke the record for most home runs allowed in a single season. Yes, they’ve been almost impossible to watch at times. But do we really need to keep being reminded? Last week, FiveThirtyEight declared that the […]

First, the mitigation. Robert Stephenson is just 23 years old. This Cubs lineup has undone the best pitchers in baseball. Two of the hits against Stephenson came to rest about half way to third base. A couple other soft ground balls got through. Stephenson is 30 innings over his workload of the previous two seasons. […]

Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (63-88) 1 7 0 Chicago Cubs (96-55) 6 11 1 W: Lester (18-4) L: Smith (3-2) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score The Good –Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The Bad –Wandy Peralta was not good tonight: four runs allowed on three hits and two walks in one inning. The low point came […]

The Cincinnati Reds try to improve their 3-11 season record against the Chicago Cubs in game number two of this three game series in Chicago. STARTING PITCHERS PITCHER ERA FIP HR/9 BB% K% Josh Smith 4.97 5.46 1.8 10.4% 18.9% Jon Lester 2.40 3.45 1.0 6.7% 24.9% Josh Smith is making his first start of […]

The Reds pitching staff has had a tough time this season. They currently sport the fourth worst ERA (4.89) and are dead last in both xFIP (4.79) and pitcher WAR (-0.9). They also just set a Major League record for home runs allowed and we have twelve games left (raise the banner!). We’ve seen some improvement […]

Final — Game 1 R H E Pittsburgh Pirates (73-74) 10 11 3 Cincinnati Reds (62-85) 4 10 3 W: Taillon (4-4) L: DeSclafani (8-4) S: LeBlanc (1) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score   Final — Game 2 R H E Pittsburgh Pirates (74-74) 7 11 0 Cincinnati Reds (62-86) 3 7 1 W: […]