First, I must apologize. Last week, I had the flu and thus no Rain Delay was Regularly Scheduled. Your weekly intake of lame jokes and annoyingly specific pop culture references was stripped right from your hands, and let’s be honest, most of you were probably happy to see it go. But now it’s back! Quiet […]

There’s a theater in St. Louis that all through the summer and up until Halloween screens cult classic films every weekend at midnight. Each weekend brings a different film and a different crowd. There was Office Space, The Room, and My Neighbor Totero already this year. The whole event culminates in a two-weekend extravaganza for The Rocky Horror Picture […]

The Reds pitchers and catchers report to Goodyear, AZ for spring training on Valentine’s Day this year, and for once, there’s a fair amount of overlap between the questions long-term couples face every year around this time and the questions the Reds hope to have answered by the time the season starts. Pop a bottle, […]

Opening Day. Opening Day is one game, at one place and at the Sanctuary City of Baseball on the banks of the Ohio River. To Reds fans and the City of Cincinnati, Opening Day is close to sacred. This is nothing new to readers of this web site or to Reds fans in general. 29 […]

In his first year as general manager for the Reds, Walt Jocketty traded Adam Dunn to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Remember the Dallas Buck Era? Dunn had become a fixture in Great American Ball Park’s left field. And while the word fixture might conjure up Dunn’s aptitude playing defense in left field, one thing is for […]

Everyone knows That Guy. He’s the one who eats pizza with soy sauce and calls its a superfood. He’s the one who does the robot transitioning into the worm whenever he’s forced to dance. The one who played four sports in high school and still talks about it. That Guy is always the subject of water […]

Today, the Phillies (51-78) take on the Padres in a matchup showcasing the devastating effects of age against the devastating effects of an overzealous GM. Just 136 miles to the south, the Marlins (52-77) play  the Nationals–two teams that looked like world beaters just a few months ago but have mistepped and faltered their way […]

In 2009, Chris Heisey was named the Reds minor league player of the year after hitting .314/.379/.521 with 22 HR between AA and AAA (posted a 180 wRC+ at AA, 115 wRC+ at AAA). Heisey was called up to the Reds in May of 2010, and was used as a backup outfielder and pinch hitter […]

Ask pretty much anyone, and they will tell you that projecting hitters is easier than projecting pitchers. Hitters are more predictable. They get hurt less. Yet, somehow, I did much better with pitchers than hitters this year. Let’s look. Player 2013 Proj. WAR Actual (bWAR/fWAR) 2013 Proj. ERA Actual Johnny Cueto 4.5 1.4/0.6 2.90 2.82 […]

We had great plans once upon a time, didn’t we? Grand hopes for the future. Remember that interview after the clinching game in 2010 when you said you loved Cincinnati?  We loved you, too, that night. You were our compassionate player manager, our feel good field general.  And we’ll always have that glorious weekend in […]

Hello.  Garmin here.  Before Bud Selig broke the Midsummer Classic by handing the winner home field advantage in the World Series, the All-Star game was nothing more than a diversion, a little cotton candy if you will, a rest stop on Route 162 on the way to the end of September —- and for a […]

Reds manager Dusty Baker’s testy answer to a question yesterday about playing time for Todd Frazier and Scott Rolen has been reported by John Fay and Mark Sheldon. At the end of his remarks, Baker said this: “Since I’ve been here there have been six or seven guys everybody fell in love with,” Baker said. […]