The Reds Hall of Fame announced today the “Modern Player Ballot” for induction into the Reds Hall of Fame Class of 2018. The six former Reds players on the ballot are: —Reggie Sanders —Adam Dunn —John Franco —Danny Graves —Scott Rolen —Aaron Boone You need to vote for Reggie Sanders at least once a day, […]

Joey Votto is perhaps the greatest Red in the history of all Reds. You may want to say Joe Morgan or Pete Rose or Johnny Bench or Barry Larkin, but you would be wrong because none of them are Joey Votto. Not only is Joey Votto just a step below the great Ted Williams (RIP […]

We at The Nation have lost The Big Bopper. We lost a beloved player, a guy who played every day without a gripe, played hurt and never got involved in drama on or off the field. We lost a big, strong quiet leader who had a connection with Cincinnati Reds fans. We have lost Lee […]

The Cincinnati Reds landscape is littered with pitchers who have contended with injuries. Are we living in a unique period, with fragile pitchers and unsure management? It’s worth remembering that even our most respected and beloved managers — including Fred Hutchinson, Dave Bristol. Sparky Anderson, Davey Johnson and Lou Piniella — have been as perplexed […]

The All Star Game is behind us, Zack Cozart has a donkey, and Aaron Judge is officially not a human being — he’s a cyborg or a demigod of sorts. The best part of the baseball season that doesn’t take place in October is done, and I don’t want to let it go. So, I’ve […]

When arguing about the greatest Red of all-time, these are the names that enter the conversation: Joe Morgan Johnny Bench Pete Rose Frank Robinson Barry Larkin That is the complete list and, truthfully, Larkin doesn’t belong there. He is here mostly for illustrative purposes. Any further arguments boil down to discussions of time with the […]

It is Monday of All Star week which means it is Home Run Derby Day. In commemoration of the day, Redleg Nation decided to stage its own mythical Reds All Time Home Run Derby. Welcome to Crosley Riverfront Ball Park. The action is about to begin. First, a few words about our rules. Home Runs […]

You often see a hitter’s performance presented as their “slash line.” The first number is the batting average (AVG), the second number is on-base percentage (OBP) and the third number is slugging percentage (SLG). Slash line stats depict three distinct skills of the batter: hitting, on-base and power. Here are three examples of career slash […]

In a blatant attempt to divert your attention away from the 2017 Reds and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Losing Streak, we’re going to fall back on the old Cincinnati standby: talk about the Big Red Machine instead. Over the weekend, as you probably know, the Reds unveiled the latest statue on Crosley […]

Before today’s game, the Reds will celebrate the unveiling of Pete Rose’s bronze statue at Crosley Terrace at Great American Ball Park. Even though Rose remains banned from MLB for betting on games, the league has given the Reds permission to recognize the on-field accomplishments of the Cincinnati native and star. Rose was inducted into […]

Opening Day starter Scott Feldman was booed 10 minutes after the game started on Monday at Great American Ballpark. For those of you in attendance that day, I understand your frustration. When Cincinnati manager Bryan Price named Feldman as the starter on that sacred day, I instantly sank into a depression. Nothing personal against Feldman, […]

Kevin Mitchell stood in the box against the San Francisco Giants in a close game. Mitchell was a modern-day Paul Bunyan, a blue collar hero with superhuman strength. Earlier in the game, he hit a ball so far that the hometown Reds fans were too shocked to respond for several seconds. The crowd tensed as […]