Editor: This is the sixth installment of a season-long series by our resident Reds historian, John Ring. The series will examine the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Cincinnati Reds, a team on the brink (of huge success) playing during a year that it seemed the world was on the brink. Enjoy! Part 1: Remembering 007’s […]

When we were first married, in the middle of the night, Josh the Pilot and I had one of those intense, couple-y, scary, I-would-never-say-these-things-at-two-in-the-afternoon conversations. You know the kind I mean. We talked about careers, our relationship, what can be done about the current state of country music. I became upset at one point and […]

Maybe it’s because we like what’s on the receiving end of the smack to be smaller and paler, but the longer I follow baseball, the more I notice its similarities to golf. I’ve never plied a club on any course that doesn’t involve plywood on the sides of a long narrow green and aiming at […]

The All Star Game is behind us, Zack Cozart has a donkey, and Aaron Judge is officially not a human being — he’s a cyborg or a demigod of sorts. The best part of the baseball season that doesn’t take place in October is done, and I don’t want to let it go. So, I’ve […]

At what point the Reds-Giants seventeen-inning marathon did you realize that this was dumb and you hated yourself? Probably about the same time both teams made the same discovery: “Both these teams hate you,” someone confirmed on Twitter. As inning after inning wore on, Twitter became that one table at the bar everyone wanders up […]

[This report was submitted by loyal (and longtime) Nation member and super Reds fan David Johnson, who comments here as “Preach,” and his son Elijah. They attended the Reds Caravan event in Columbus, OH. Lots of great information. Thanks, Preach!] “Sports science is the new Moneyball.” That was the second most interesting quote of the […]

I tried to avoid this, because my opinion about Marty Brennaman is well-known. His voice (along with that of Joe Nuxhall) is the background music to my childhood, so I don’t spend much of my life criticizing him. I don’t agree with him all the time, but there is no one on earth with whom […]

All the speculation on whether Bryan Price would return to the Reds as their manager has now concluded. He will be back next year for sure, with an option year included. To most involved with Redleg Nation, we see that as eminently fair. Price hasn’t had the benefit of really playing with a full deck […]

Every night, as a kid, I listened to the Reds on 700 WLW. Every night. Without fail. Some nights, particularly those when the Reds played teams on the west coast, my parents would tell me to go to bed round about the sixth or seventh inning, just as things were getting good. “Awww, Mom! Come […]

Most of you have never heard of Ken Johnson. He toiled in the major leagues for 13 seasons, pitched for some bad teams and was what you would call a “late bloomer.” He died in obscurity on November 15, 2015. He was 82 years old. His death was routinely ignored, much as his career was. […]

Opening Day. Opening Day is one game, at one place and at the Sanctuary City of Baseball on the banks of the Ohio River. To Reds fans and the City of Cincinnati, Opening Day is close to sacred. This is nothing new to readers of this web site or to Reds fans in general. 29 […]

An already dismal, depressing off-season for Reds fans got worse the day after Christmas. Our family– Redleg Nation– lost Jim O’Toole. He passed away at the age of 78 after a long bout with cancer. Most of you know about the former Reds left-handed starting pitcher. How he spent just one season in the minor […]