Editor: This is the fourth installment of a season-long series by our resident Reds historian, John Ring. The series will examine the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Cincinnati Reds, a team on the brink (of huge success) playing during a year that it seemed the world was on the brink. Enjoy! Part 1: Remembering 007’s […]

Imagine, for a minute, that you make it to the major leagues and you’re just 19 years old. Imagine you hit a grand slam home run in your second game. Imagine you win a starting position as a 20-year old and put together a WAR of 6.5 and only one other player in baseball history […]

So how bad is it? It snowed on April 9. In the first week of the 2018 season, the Reds lost as many starting players (2) as they had wins. Manager Bryan Price was still making some head-scratching decisions. Some were saying the season is over after just 8 games. It hasn’t gotten better, as […]

Everyone knows it. Me, Chad, The Nation, everybody. The Reds need to obtain a veteran starting pitcher who can reliably show up on the mound every fifth day, give them (dare I say?) 180 innings of work and anchor the pitching staff. Given that the Reds are a small market team, getting one through free […]

I have been following baseball all my life, and 1967 was the first season that I have clear memories of the games, statistics, and players (Vada Pinson and Jim Maloney were my favorites then).  That era is as far in the past today as the 1919 Reds were when I as 12, and the Big […]

Let us never forget the glorious moment when Adam Dunn called up to the Reds radio booth during a rain delay — on the banana phone! — and talked to Marty Brennaman, calling himself “Adam from Milwaukee.” We revisit that great moment in Reds history on the podcast this week, followed up by Bill Lack’s […]

All the speculation on whether Bryan Price would return to the Reds as their manager has now concluded. He will be back next year for sure, with an option year included. To most involved with Redleg Nation, we see that as eminently fair. Price hasn’t had the benefit of really playing with a full deck […]

With the retiring of Pete Rose’s #14, there have been some questions asked about who’s next? What number will the Reds retire in the future, if any? The Reds have already retired ten jersey numbers; two of them are managers, the other eight are players. Here is the list: Fred Hutchinson 1 Johnny Bench 5 […]

Sammy Ellis passed away on Friday, May 13, 2016. Most of the Nation has probably never heard of Sammy Ellis. He only pitched for the Reds from 1963-1967. He’s not in the Reds Hall of Fame. But for three pivotal years, Sammy Ellis was an integral part of the Cincinnati Reds as a right-handed starting […]

It was April 16, 1970. The Reds had a new manager in Sparky Anderson. They had some exciting young players in Don Gullett, Wayne Simpson, Bernie Carbo and Hal McRae. They also guys by the names of Rose, Bench, Perez, May and Helms. And on Anderson’s pitching staff was veteran Jim Maloney. Jim Maloney was […]

As America goes, so does the game of baseball. The game reflects changes in America’s fabric, its culture and values that shape the Nation. Wars have affected baseball. So has civil unrest. Pearl Harbor did. The events of September 11th 2001 certainly did. Presidential policies have as well. Examples range from President Roosevelt’s “green light” […]

The phone rang tonight just as the Reds were about to start a game. I answered it and an authoritative voice said, “Bristol here.” It was Dave Bristol calling me. I can only imagine how a young Tony Perez or Johnny Bench would have responded to that voice during the 1967 season at their early […]