The end of the 2018 season is rapidly approaching, and there are fewer answers in the Reds’ starting rotation than there were at the beginning of the year. It’s the most glaring weakness remaining for the team as it hopes to end its rebuild in the near future. The offense is one of the better […]

Following yesterday’s strange news that Matt Harvey wouldn’t be traded, the even more concerning news that Bob Castellini had once again stuck his nose into baseball operations, and a crushing walk-off defeat to the Cubs (74-53), the Reds (56-73) could really use a win to lift the collective spirit of the fanbase again. Fortunately, the […]

When you’re in your early 20s and convinced that time goes fast and that you must live in the now or risk losing the future, you forget that a baseball season takes a lifetime. Or, to be less melodramatic, a gestation period at least. Since the Reds’ season began, I have started dating a girl, […]

Not a surprise the Reds offense would be held in check without Joey Votto, Eugenio Suarez, Scott Schebler, Jesse Winker and Nick Senzel out of the lineup. Votto and Suarez are in the top 12 in the NL in run production. The Reds head down to Chicago for a 4-game series against the Cubs. Cincinnati […]

Plodding, ponderous, plain bad — all words used to describe Jesse Winker’s defense this season before his campaign ended with shoulder surgery. In particular when I wrote two weeks ago that Winker was the third-most valuable trade asset the Reds have, you all were quick to point out in the comments that Winker cannot possibly […]

The Milwaukee Brewers won 86 games in 2017, a 13-game improvement over 2016. They finished one win short of the N.L. wild card play-in game. Despite that progress — dare one say, a winning culture — the front office and ownership proceeded to acquire a new centerfielder, a new right fielder, a new third baseman, […]

Phillip Ervin (Photo by Doug Gray)

When Adam Duvall was traded at the deadline, and with Jesse Winker and Scott Schebler went on the DL with shoulder injuries, many fans thought the move would be an opportunity for Phillip Ervin to show the Reds if he can be a piece of the puzzle in the coming years. But Ervin has barely […]

Earlier this year, Matt Wilkes gave us an in-depth look at the collective arsenal for Reds pitching.  Today, we will look at the Reds offense and see who has been most effective at hitting each type of pitch. A quick refresher on the metrics that I used. There are two Pitch Type Linear Weights that […]

For years, I’ve followed both Jonah Keri’s and Fangraphs’ versions of establishing top-50 MLB Trade Value lists. Both annual rankings seek to provide an idea of how the baseball industry values its players, creating a sort of “absolute value” for what players could fetch on the open market. It’s a delicate balance of friendly contracts, […]

Despite the New York Mets losing record, chances were pretty good the Reds would have to play a good game tonight if they hoped to win with Noah Syndergaard on the mound. They didn’t. They’re now 6-11 in the second half.  I’m guessing there’s ever-growing room on the Jim Riggleman bandwagon now. Those national writers […]

Matt Harvey pitched for the Reds tonight instead of Robert Stephenson, Cody Reed or Lucas Sims. If it’s the case that the Reds couldn’t attract a decent offer for Harvey before the trade deadline, it’s hard to see that prospect improving much, if at all. How long will the Reds keep giving valuable rotation opportunities […]

After Jesse Winker joined the big-league team in July last year, he showed Reds fans what many had been waiting for since he was drafted in 2012. In 137 plate appearances, Winker smacked seven home runs, walked 15 times against 24 strikeouts, and slashed .298/.375/.529. It was the best that anyone could have asked for […]