In the last few steps before one of the entrances of Great American Ball Park, the five logos, engraved in slabs, spread out in a star shape– one for each All Star Game played in Cincinnati.  They were added last month. They will stay. In an era of up-to-the-second updates from across baseball flashing from […]

Dear Mr. Castellini, First, I want to express my sincere gratitude for everything you have done for the Cincinnati Reds and the city of Cincinnati. Your generosity in check writing and spirit has revitalized the franchise. You have earned the respect of Reds fans. The club’s accomplishments since 2010 have made us proud once again […]

Bryan Price kept spinning the chamber and it came up Jumbo Diaz. Through a combination of ineffective pitching and his own horrendous fielding, Diaz allowed five runs in the top of the eighth inning. The reliever entered the game with the Reds behind 3-2 lead and after Ryan Braun belted a grand slam the score […]

[This post was filed by Maria Schwartzman, who attended the Western Tour Reds Caravan event in Bloomington, IN. Thanks, Maria!] A few hundred people showed up to College Mall in Bloomington, IN, this morning to welcome the Reds to town. Bloomington is about 3 hours away from Cincinnati, with a large contingent of Reds fans […]

As crushing as last season’s postseason loss to the Giants was, I wrote that Dusty Baker deserved to be rehired. Not that he was necessarily the best guy for the job, only that he’d earned his return with 97 wins in a season when Votto’s knee and Madson’s elbow had shredded. In the aftermath of […]

The “save” didn’t become an official statistic in baseball until 1969, although it had been tracked for years. The definition of a save itself was defined in 1960 by Chicago sportswriter Jerome Holtzman but it has been redefined, examined and criticized since. (The first official “save” went to Bill Singer on Opening Day 1969, who […]

Spring Training isn’t as dramatic as it was years ago. There was genuine competition for jobs, rotations were being established, and many times this lasted into the last week of spring training. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen anymore; it’s just that with long term contracts and the salary structure of the game, it […]

Here’s a report from Redleg Nation member, Cameron Feese, who attended the caravan event in Bowling Green, KY.  The Reds Winter Caravan rolled into Bowling Green, KY today at the Greenwood Mall. I had to go into work today for a couple of hours but left as soon as I could so I could make it […]

Here is the report filed by Redleg Nation member John Rohrig from the Reds Southern Tour caravan stop in Charleston, WV. This evening the Reds Winter caravan rolled into Charleston, WV after a previous stop in Ashland, KY. Charleston, is fortunate in that it is the last stop of the day and, therefore, are few […]

Last night, the Reds Southern Tour caravan made its first public stop in Ashland, KY. Here is the report filed by Redleg Nation member Sarah Beckelheimer.  Cincinnati fans of every age filed into Fannin Automotives in Ashland Thursday to meet a few franchise favorites. Present at the event were 2012 Rookie of the Year nominee […]

We’re excited to announce a new project – The Nation Reports – where our commenters write original content for the site concerning the upcoming Reds caravan tours. The Reds have planned three routes with a total of 15 public stops over 2,800 miles, taking place Jan. 24-27. • The Northern Tour, with stops in Athens, Parkersburg, […]

Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle… FINAL Cincinnati Reds 9 Stupid Cubs 4 WP: Bailey (1-2, 3.86 ERA) LP: Volstad (0-2, 6.19 ERA) BOXSCORE VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS POSITIVES • Homer Bailey pitched seven solid innings. He gave up five hits and didn’t walk anyone. Tough day for the Homer Haters. • On a day when neither team was […]