The Reds pitching staff has been largely terrible in 2016. A whopping 31 pitchers (and Tyler Holt) took the mound for the club, allowing an MLB record 251 home runs (as of Tuesday night) and posting a collective 0.0 fWAR as a group, the third-worst mark in baseball history. While the overall numbers make it look […]

On Sunday July 10, Miami reliever Dustin McGowan retired Ramon Cabrera on a routine groundout, closing out a ho-hum 7-3 win and a series sweep for the Marlins. The Reds record stood at 32-57, a dismal 25 games below .500. The All-Star break provided a merciful interruption to their dreary slide into baseball’s cellar. Joey […]

Narrative #1: The Reds have the worst bullpen in history. For the first three months of the season, this was impossible to contest, whether you used old metrics or new fangled ones. Just a few weeks into the season, Rob Carpenter posted here about the historical aspect of the bullpen’s performance. About a month later, […]

Last week, we dove in to exit velocity for pitchers to see if we could reach any conclusions about what it means. While there was a lot of interesting data, the results didn’t yield many definitive conclusions. There simply wasn’t much to connect between a pitcher’s overall performance and how hard batters are hitting the […]

Statcast has unleashed a bevy of new, fascinating data for baseball fans to take in that will only get more interesting and helpful in evaluating players as time goes on. Last week, I broke down a relatively new concept to the world of baseball in spin rates, what they mean for each pitch, and which Reds pitchers […]

[This view from the old recliner was written by Warren Leeman, who comments here under the name Shchi Cossack.] With the Reds in the midst of a successful month of June, coming off a split against the Rangers (arguably the best team in the AL) and heading into PeteRose-apalooza weekend, I found myself leaning back […]

The Cincinnati Reds (29-49) will try to avoid being swept this afternoon by the Chicago Cubs (50-26). The two teams will square off for the series finale at 12:35. The Reds lost a wild game last night, 7-2 in 15 innings. The game saw the Reds bullpen throw 8.1 consecutive no-hit innings, and the Cubs […]

It was a crazy night at the old ballpark. The Reds bullpen, the worst in all of baseball, threw 8.1 no-hit innings against the first place Chicago Cubs. The Cubs had THREE different relief pitchers play in left field in the game. I’ll try to recap this wild one for you: A long time ago, […]

Cole Hamels’ major league debut for the Phillies was an afternoon game against the Reds in May 2006. The lineup he faced that day was Freel, Lopez, Griffey, Dunn, Kearns, Encarnacion, Phillips and Valentin. Hamels pitched five shutout innings. The Reds pitching staff of Elizardo Ramirez, Chris Hammond, Matt Belisle, Brian Shackelford and Rick White […]

The Cincinnati Reds (25-39) have won 8 of their last 11 games. They will look to keep up their winning ways tonight at 7:10 against the Atlanta Braves (18-45). The Reds won a wild game in Atlanta last night 9-8, a game where they blew three separate leads. Tonight, we will see a great starting […]

If you’ve watched a single second of a Reds game this year, you know just how bad the relief corps has been. Once the baseball is taken from the starter and the outfield gates open, fans are left holding their breath night in and night out. Numerous Cincinnati leads have evaporated with a reliever on […]

Until the ninth inning, the Reds had outhit the Cubs. But it sure didn’t seem like they were in the game. Last night the Cubbies scored 16 runs by blasting home run after home run. Tonight, they took a bunch of walks, stole bases, hit sacrifice flies and executed squeeze bunts. And hit two homers. Once […]