On Wednesday, Billy Hamilton hit his first home run in more than a year, in Cincinnati’s win over the Pirates. BILLY BOMB WHAT pic.twitter.com/ismmE7uwta — paco (@AllaireMatt) May 4, 2017 It occurred to me that Hamilton has never hit an inside-the-park home run in the major leagues. That seems almost unfathomable. With his speed, you’d […]

Editor’s Note: I hope you will join me in welcoming Clay Marshall to the Redleg Nation family. Clay is an exceptionally talented writer, and I’m really excited that he’ll be giving us his thoughts from the west coast this season. Please make Clay feel welcome! — Chad Dotson “You say yes, I say no You […]

Yesterday, the Reds played a night game and the minor league games were at 1 p.m. so I was able to catch both. Usually, both the major and minor league games are at 1 pm. It was hot, hot, hot in Goodyear yesterday, a climate shock compared to Ohio. It was especially sweltering in the […]

To me, 2016 was a disastrous baseball season for the Cincinnati Reds. They finished in last place. They were no-hit. They blew leads. Their bullpen wasn’t just bad but historically bad. And while it’s true that no one expected anything from the Reds last year, it was still a painful thing to watch or listen […]

Kevin Mitchell stood in the box against the San Francisco Giants in a close game. Mitchell was a modern-day Paul Bunyan, a blue collar hero with superhuman strength. Earlier in the game, he hit a ball so far that the hometown Reds fans were too shocked to respond for several seconds. The crowd tensed as […]

[This report was submitted by loyal Nation member and super Reds fan John Rohrig, who attends caravan events every year. Lots of great information. Thanks, John!] The 2017 edition of the Cincinnati Reds Caravan (East Tour) came to town Friday evening. On this year’s circuit was Reds broadcaster Jim Kelch — who emceed the event […]

It’s that time of year, Reds fans: The Reds announced Tuesday that their 2017 Caravan will be on the road Jan. 26-29 with stops in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and Tennessee. Fans will have an opportunity to see and interact with current and former players, Minor League prospects, front office staff and broadcasters. Each […]

Every night, as a kid, I listened to the Reds on 700 WLW. Every night. Without fail. Some nights, particularly those when the Reds played teams on the west coast, my parents would tell me to go to bed round about the sixth or seventh inning, just as things were getting good. “Awww, Mom! Come […]

This is my last Billy Hamilton-related post for the foreseeable future, I promise. And this one really isn’t about how awesome Billy is. It’s about other stuff, too. No, really…I mean it! Hamilton, Cincinnati’s center fielder, has kinda been the talk of the town lately. I accept a tiny part of the blame and/or credit […]

You know, the kids these days love the youtubes. It’s not bad for the old guys, either, largely because there’s a treasure trove of old baseball games. Not just the classic games (like Game 4 of the 1976 World Series), but also some gems like the one below. It’s an early June NBC Game of […]

I have a lot of good Reds memories. Most of us do, I guess. I remember sitting on the floor in my living room, watching Eric Show give up THE HIT to Pete Rose. The REAL hit came a few days earlier in Chicago, but nobody knew it then and we celebrated like we’d won […]

With the retiring of Pete Rose’s #14, there have been some questions asked about who’s next? What number will the Reds retire in the future, if any? The Reds have already retired ten jersey numbers; two of them are managers, the other eight are players. Here is the list: Fred Hutchinson 1 Johnny Bench 5 […]