So, last night on Twitter, I made the egregious suggestion that Scooter Gennett was likely not a player to count on over the long term. Correspondingly, my mentions caught fire like dry brush at a fireworks show. Today, we’re gonna do something. We’re gonna look at every player currently playing a prominent role on the […]

This week’s respondents are Nick Kirby, Chris Garber, Clay Marshall, Ashley Davis, and Steve Mancuso. Our Daily Reds Obsession: When will the Reds return to the playoffs? Nick: I believe the Reds were a healthy rotation away from being a .500 team last year. I think this team returns to the playoffs by 2019. I […]

This week’s respondents are Nick Carrington, Chad Dotson, Chris Garber, Bill Lack and Steve Mancuso. Our Daily Reds Obsession: Who is your favorite Reds player since 2000? Nick: Don’t make me choose! I loved Ken Griffey Jr. That swing is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. However, the constant injuries meant […]

The 2017 MLB post-season is upon us and, alas, our beloved Cincinnati Reds did not qualify for any hot playoff action this year. Yesterday, our staff here at Redleg Nation made our playoff predictions, and you all laughed at our sub-par prognostication ability. Now that the respective Division Series’ have begun, we can all settle […]

First, I must apologize. Last week, I had the flu and thus no Rain Delay was Regularly Scheduled. Your weekly intake of lame jokes and annoyingly specific pop culture references was stripped right from your hands, and let’s be honest, most of you were probably happy to see it go. But now it’s back! Quiet […]

Final R H E Pittsburgh Pirates (68-80) 2 7 0 Cincinnati Reds (64-84) 4 9 0 W: Homer Bailey (5-8)  L: Chad Kuhl (7-11)  SV: Raisel Iglesias (27) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score | Game Thread | Statcast Look out, Indians; the Reds are coming for your winning streak record — only 21 games to go! After another losing road trip, Cincinnati […]

Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (58-77) 7 9 0 Pittsburgh Pirates (63-72) 3 7 1 W: Asher Wojciechowski (4-3)  L: Gerrit Cole (11-9) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score | Game Thread | Statcast Last Saturday, Gerrit Cole almost single-handedly beat the Reds by throwing seven shutout innings and hitting a solo homer for the only run of the game. That was […]

There’s a theater in St. Louis that all through the summer and up until Halloween screens cult classic films every weekend at midnight. Each weekend brings a different film and a different crowd. There was Office Space, The Room, and My Neighbor Totero already this year. The whole event culminates in a two-weekend extravaganza for The Rocky Horror Picture […]

Final R H E San Diego Padres (50-63) 3 7 1 Cincinnati Reds (47-67) 8 11 0 W: Wojciechowski (3-1) L: Wood (1-1) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score The Good –Asher Wojciechowski pitched five very strong — and scoreless — innings before he ran out of gas. He allowed two homers and three runs in […]

The trade deadline is always an exciting time for baseball fans, as contending teams look to add the final pieces for a pennant push and non-contending clubs attempt to shape their rosters for the future. For the better part of the last decade and a half, the Reds have fallen into the latter category, and […]

Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (22-24) 4 7 0 Cleveland Indians (24-21) 3 10 1 W: Lorenzen (3-0) L: Allen (0-2) S: Iglesias (8) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score The Good –The following narrative was originally written for the “The Bad” section below. But then Billy Hamilton did what Billy Hamilton does. With the Reds […]

Final R H E Cleveland Indians (24-20) 8 7 0 Cincinnati Reds (21-24) 7 11 2 W: Miller (3-0) L: Storen (1-1) S: Allen (13) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score The Good –The Reds were down 7-3 in the bottom of the 7th, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned about these Cincinnati Reds, it’s this: […]