The time between now and the July 31 trade deadline may prove as consequential as any two weeks of the Reds multi-year rebuilding process. The team is close to being a contender. That seemed unimaginable in April. But we Reds fans now sense in our bones the wait is months, not years, for a team in […]

Following yesterday’s fifth straight win over the Cubs, our Nick Kirby put the words out into the Twitterverse that certainly have crossed my mind in recent weeks: THE REBUILD IS OVER — ɴɪᴄᴋ ᴋɪʀʙy (@Nicholaspkirby) July 7, 2018 In recent days, more than one Reds player has been quoted as saying that they now […]

If you have been a little nervous about the direction of the Reds, you may be reassured by this interview. ESPN’s Buster Olney talked with Dick Williams, Cincinnati Reds Director of Baseball Operations, and Williams gave a little insight into what Reds’ management is thinking. It’s not particularly in-depth, and there’s no breaking news, but […]

The job of interim manager — in baseball and other industries — is a tough one. You’re pretty much guaranteed to inherit a bad team in turmoil. Firing the old manager itself causes disruption. If you’re the interim person’s boss, you just want the operation back running smoothly.  In fact, the skill set for succeeding […]

Previous installments in the “Contracts for the New Core” series: Billy Hamilton | Eugenio Suarez | Jesse Winker As most of you reading this article know, the 2018 Cincinnati Reds season is basically over. After the worst start to a season in franchise history, and without a roster built to dig out of such a deep […]

Originally, this article was going to have nothing to do with the actual “Sleepless in Seattle” — besides the headline pun — but then I decided to refresh my memory on the movie’s plot and came across this one line summary: “A recently widowed man’s son calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find […]

Climb up here on my stoop, dear Redleg Nation reader, and listen to my crotchety old-man impression as I regale you with stories from my high school baseball days. The two best high school baseball players I ever did see were both drafted into the MLB. (Crotchety old men speak in rhyme, right?) One, a […]

This weekend, the Tampa Bay Rays are using one of their relief pitchers, Sergio Romo, in the first inning of games. I haven’t carefully studied the reasoning for it. At first glance though, regardless of the specific merits, it strikes me as the kind of open-minded thinking in general that I’d want my front office […]

The Harvey effect is real. Since acquiring Matt Harvey from the Mets on May 8th the Reds have won 6 of 7 games. They just recently had their longest win streak of the season snapped and have looked like a completely different team than they did two weeks ago. Harvey’s pitching expertise has clearly rubbed […]

If you Google “nick senzel vertigo,” the search engine will return 5,660 results in 0.52 seconds, with the first reading “Vertigo behind him, Nick Senzel ready to help the Cincinnati Reds.” The headline gives false promise, talking about Senzel’s first bout of vertigo, not this current second iteration. For up-to-date information, it only takes looking […]

You may know that Jason Linden and I do a little moonlighting over at Cincinnati Magazine. We’ve written a few pieces over there in the last week that I think you might be interested in reading. Go check them out, share them on your various social media accounts, then come back and tell us how […]

Once again this season — in addition to my duties here at the Worldwide Leader for Reds Commentary and Analysis — I made a commitment to write about the Cincinnati Reds for Cincinnati Magazine.   Here’s an excerpt of my most recent piece for the Magazine: What’s the plan here? Were they planning to call […]