Whether I was reeling from the cumulative effects of a multi-season rebuild or because I was nonplussed by an offseason in which the Reds’ only notable acquisitions were thirty-something journeymen relievers, I nearly scrapped my annual spring training road trip this year. “I never go to Phoenix to see the Reds play the Diamondbacks during […]

The Reds are back on the MLB Network against the Seattle Mariners, the team they played yesterday. The location shifts from Goodyear Ballpark to the Peoria Sports Complex. Game time is 4:10 pm ET (Arizona doesn’t use Daylight Saving Time). Radio is WLW-700. The MLB Network is broadcasting the game. Bryan Price’s lineup to face […]

In the days leading up to Opening Day, we’ll be previewing The State Of The Reds at every single position on the field. Check out the previous installments of our Redleg Nation 2018 Season Preview series: —Shortstop —Second Base With the responsibility of managing an entire pitching staff, framing pitches, and throwing out runners while maintaining productivity […]

The Reds play the Kansas City Royals at Goodyear Ballpark this afternoon. Starts at 3:05 p.m. ET. Radio broadcast is WLW-700. Here’s Bryan Price’s starting lineup: Jesse Winker DH José Peraza SS Scott Schebler RF Adam Duvall LF Devin Mesoraco C Mason Williams CF Phil Gosselin 3B Brandon Dixon 1B Cliff Pennington 2B The starting […]

The Reds outfield finished 28th out of 30 MLB in teams in 2017 in wRC+ (86). That probably comes as a bit of surprise to some, as the Reds as a team were pretty good offensively (they ranked 15th in the MLB in wRC+ at 96). That was because the Reds employed quite possibly their […]

The long, hard winter is over. Baseball is back. This is a fun time of year — for most of us, at least. If you’ve been a loyal reader of Redleg Nation over the years, you probably know that I’m generally pretty optimistic about the state of the Reds. This off-season, I confess to having […]

Projections in baseball are a funny thing. For the most part, they’re a crapshoot. As hard as it is to hit a round ball with a round bat, it’s even harder for us to try to predict just how successful a given player will be at hitting a round ball with a round bat, not […]

This week, I found myself contemplating the recent declaration that the Reds were finished adding to the roster. So I sat down and looked at the roster as it stands, trying to see what I thought about the decision to stand pat. Tucker Barnhart C Joey Votto 1B Nick Senzel 2B Eugenio Suarez 3B Jose […]

This week’s respondents are Jason Linden, Wes Jenkins, Bill Lack, Grant Freking, and Chad Dotson. Our Daily Reds Obsession: What’s the best-case scenario for Devin Mesoraco? Worst-case? Jason: Best case: Splits time with Tucker Barnhart and provides some pop while managing to be a bit above average overall. Worst case, we all end up saying, […]

This week’s respondents are Nick Kirby, Chris Garber, Clay Marshall, Ashley Davis, and Steve Mancuso. Our Daily Reds Obsession: Which current player should the Reds attempt to sign to a long-term contract? Nick: The first players that came to mind here were Eugenio Suarez and Luis Castillo. I am going to go by the “buy […]

[This post was written by Warren Leeman, who comments under the name Shchi Cossack. Thanks, Warren!] In his recent piece, Matt Habel made the Old Cossack take a more obtuse look at Zack Cozart’s performance from 2017 and the Editors provided some thought-provoking questions regarding what the off season should entail for the Reds. We […]

The Astros and Cubs — two teams still wearing their uniforms — did it. So will the Reds. It’s when we’ll know for sure that the rebuilding is finally over. Or at least when the Reds front office thinks that moment has arrived. We’ll see those final roster moves. Dick Williams will package a group […]