You can read all about it in this new article from baseball writer Rany Jazayerli, formerly at Grantland and Baseball Prospectus. The Chicago-Cleveland World Series threw the final shovel of dirt on the debate about the primacy of analytics in designing a successful baseball team. Turns out, data is a fancy word for information and the […]

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to dunk a basketball. I spent hours at the park – day after week after moth after year – jumping as high as I could, dreaming about the day I’d finally be able to push off from the ground, slam the ball into the hoop, […]

“Pitching wins championships”: that’s the phrase that weak hitting teams use to validate their fringy playoff chances. You can’t have it all, these GMs seem to say, so might as well focus on what gives us the best shot at having it all. But as seen from Nick Doran’s post this morning, the Cubs have […]

Welcome to the second week of Central Intelligence, the column of the happenings around the NL Central (published each Monday morning).  Last week, I gave you a preview of each team. This week, we will roll out the preseason NL Central power rankings, I’ll give you my predictions, the All-NL Central preseason team, and the […]