We love watching Aroldis Chapman’s slender frame walk through that bullpen door. You can judge the intensity of the passion by the wild applause that accompanies his run to the mound even when there isn’t free pizza at stake. There are nights if you squint hard enough at the “54” on his chest, you’d swear […]

The era of Aroldis Chapman closing for the Reds is here. Like all Reds fans, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chapman secure the last three outs today against the Yankees. But I can’t abide by the discouraging decision that put him there. It’s a short-sighted move and borne from disregard or ignorance of modern analytics. 1. Sean […]

Sean Marshall has weighed in on his fitness for and desire to take over the Reds closer role. In an interview with John Fay, Marshall addressed the skepticism about whether he can pitch three days in a row. “I’ve definitely pitched in at least three games in a row,” (Marshall) said. “I’ve been hot and […]