The Reds under Bryan Price began the season 3-15. That team played without Anthony DeSclafani, David Hernandez, Michael Lorenzen, Eugenio Suarez, Scott Schebler and Matt Harvey. They were the Reds of Gallardo and Gossington. Price was fired. With tonight’s loss to the lowly Kansas City Royals, Jim Riggleman’s Reds may finish the season 3-13.   Don’t […]

Way back at the beginning of this fateful season, when some of us were convinced the Reds could sneak into the playoffs, I decided to make some predictions. My crystal ball was full of optimism, hopeful that young players could step forward and that the front office would do something, anything that made sense. I […]

Just as we approached the Roebling Bridge, the skies opened with a vengeance. We knew a storm was coming, but we had no idea just how potent it would be, and by the time we crossed into Ohio, we were completely drenched. Surely there were better ways to spend our free time and disposable income […]

The Nation has been consumed by gifs of late and it’s all Chad Dotson’s fault. Well, actually I can’t know that for sure — it could be Jason Linden or Steve Mancuso or one of the other editors with keys to the Twitter machine. Regardless, on September 4, 2018, someone decided to tweet this: Let's […]

Over the past five seasons, no team in the National League has lost more games than the Cincinnati Reds. That fact bears repeating. As of the morning of August 24, since the beginning of the 2014 season, the Reds have won eight fewer games than the second-worst team in the league and 10 fewer games […]

Breathe in, hold for five seconds, and…release. Woosah. What a wild first half for the Reds. After starting the year 3-18 (kind of hard to believe, right?) they battled back and finished the first half 43-53. The Reds saw a manager get fired, the Opening Day starter get injured, the offense turn from joke to […]

Seth Shaner is an occasional contributor to Redleg Nation. His last piece was about the Reds’ outfield rotation. There I was, waiting for my gas tank to fill up on a scorching July day in Ohio, when I came across a blog post on the Cincinnati Enquirer Facebook page. The headline grabbed me with the […]

The job of interim manager — in baseball and other industries — is a tough one. You’re pretty much guaranteed to inherit a bad team in turmoil. Firing the old manager itself causes disruption. If you’re the interim person’s boss, you just want the operation back running smoothly.  In fact, the skill set for succeeding […]

Enjoy this guest post by longtime reader Seth Shaner. You can find him on Twitter here. Thanks, Seth! Four outfielders. Three outfield positions. Early returns with the Reds’ 2018 outfield rotation weren’t favorable for then-manager Bryan Price or interim manager Jim Riggleman. I understand the idea that it would be better to be able to get […]

I should have quit while I was ahead. After seeing the Reds win three games at Dodger Stadium last month – that is, one-seventh of their victories for the entire season – I decided to push my luck and hit the road Sunday morning for the getaway game of their series against San Diego. While […]

The first inning hadn’t even come to a close, and it already felt like a lost cause. Tyler Mahle was getting squeezed. Joey Votto couldn’t field. The pitch count ticked toward 30. The Dodgers drew first blood. The game seemed over before the Reds had gotten three outs. If you think I’m being overdramatic, consider […]

You may know that Jason Linden and I do a little moonlighting over at Cincinnati Magazine. We’ve written a few pieces over there in the last week that I think you might be interested in reading. Go check them out, share them on your various social media accounts, then come back and tell us how […]