I’m sorry, you don’t trade Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Jay Bruce, Todd Frazier, Aroldis Chapman and Brandon Phillips and then give us Scott Feldman. But that’s what happened Monday when Bryan Price announced Feldman would take the mound for the Reds on Opening Day. Major league baseball teams choose Opening Day starters in advance for […]

New York Yankees shortstop (and former Cincinnati Red) Didi Gregorius is out for 6-8 weeks with a shoulder strain. In the wake of that injury, the Yanks are trying to decide whether to pursue an option outside the organization to pick up the slack until Gregorius returns. Enter Zack Cozart, according to this report: While […]

Editor’s Note: I hope you will join me in welcoming Clay Marshall to the Redleg Nation family. Clay is an exceptionally talented writer, and I’m really excited that he’ll be giving us his thoughts from the west coast this season. Please make Clay feel welcome! — Chad Dotson “You say yes, I say no You […]

Editor’s Note: I hope you will join me in welcoming Jordan Barhorst to the Redleg Nation family. Jordan has been writing for the Reds in various places for a while, and I’m really happy that he’s joining us at RN. Please make him feel welcome! — Chad Dotson In March 2016, just over a year […]

Some time back, a St. Louis Cardinals blog — wait, hear me out on this one — asked if we’d like to participate in a roundtable discussion about the upcoming Reds season. A bunch of Reds blogs participated, and you can go here to see everyone’s answers. It’s worth your time, methinks. Anyway, I thought […]

There are several Reds-related items worth reading today, so I thought I’d collect them into one post here for your convenience. You can thank me later. First, Zach Buchanan has an update on Dilson Herrera’s shoulder: Second baseman Dilson Herrera and right-hander Nick Travieso are both working back from shoulder ailments, but there’s no hard […]

You know when you have a puppy and at first it’s really energetic almost to the point of impracticality? Like all it wants to do is run, destroy your personal belongings, eat, eat your personal belongings, and occasionally sleep. That’s what this rebuilding Reds team has felt like. There have been spurts of productive potential, […]

The Cincinnati Reds (0-0) will play their first official spring training game today! The Reds take on the Giants at 3:05 PM at Scottsdale Stadium. Today’s game will not be broadcast on TV, but is available on 700 WLW (you can find the full schedule of TV and radio broadcasts here) Starting Pitcher The Reds […]

In the wake of last week’s trade with Atlanta, an article at FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan asserted that Jose Peraza was a lot like Brandon Phillips. Certainly, some reasonable points were made in the piece, especially regarding batted ball profile, and I encourage you to go read that piece first. Go ahead, I’ll wait. –waiting– […]

I don’t want to talk about rebuilding any more. You don’t get a trophy for being the best rebuilder. You get it for winning. We’re entering a phase now where we’ve done some of hard legwork. Over the next couple of years we want to build a positive trajectory and start winning again in our […]

For some reason, whenever I think of Brandon Phillip’s legacy with the Cincinnati Reds, I think of then-Astro Jonathan Villar sliding face first into Phillips’ posterior. Not the between the leg flips, not the 30/30 season, not even the social media preening and local media bans–my mind is stuck on an innocuous tag that took […]

In the wake of the Brandon Phillips trade, Bryan Price has declared that Jose Peraza is his second baseman and that Zack Cozart is not a part time player. Now, certainly, I get that Cozart needs to play until the Reds find another team for him, but handing the second base job to Peraza seems […]