Attending the now-annual RedsFest reinforces the fact that the Cincinnati Reds do a lot of things correctly. It’s in a great venue, there are things for kids to do, and a perfect mix of current Reds and former Reds in attendance. The Reds, especially since Bob Castellini took over, do things like this the right […]

General manager Walt Jocketty has made a couple moves so far this off-season, neither with significant payroll implications. In fact, the salaries going to Brayan Pena and Skip Schumaker are roughly equal to what Ryan Hanigan and Xavier Paul would have earned in 2014. But profound (and big money) decisions – trading Brandon Phillips, Mike […]

Prepare yourself for Brandon Phillips being traded this off-season. The writing is on the clubhouse wall. And in Cincinnati Magazine. The on-field case for moving the Reds’ second baseman is fairly straightforward. Declining, though still above-average skills. $50 million better spent elsewhere. When the trade takes place, rest assured that baseball factors will be the […]

Any venture capitalists out there? Somebody with some spare cash burning a hole in his pocket? Hey. Charlie Sheen’s a huge baseball guy and a serious Cincinnati Reds fan. He’s got wads of cash to invest in a project that would surely be a big hit with the young up-and-coming sabermetric minds currently upsetting the apple cart in traditional […]

The start of a new week brings barely a tweet about the Reds’ search for a new manager. Apparently the Reds’ brass is in Arizona, which happens to be where Bryan Price lives this time of year. One theory on the timing is the Reds won’t make an announcement until after the World Series. Another […]

Didi and Gogo, those lost souls awaiting the mysterious, never-to-arrive Godot in Samuel Beckett’s absurdist tragicomedy have nothing on Reds’ fans, abandoned for yet another Fall, left out in the playoff cold, waiting for our Godot—Post-season Relevance—to finally bless us with his presence. Now, as the wait goes on for the next manager to be […]

[This post was written by John Ring, who is the Nation’s correspondent from Afghanistan, where he is serving the entire nation.] It got to the point where the Reds had no choice. Dusty Baker had to go. It was bad enough the Reds limped to the finish line, losing their last five games to settle […]

Those who saw Bob Castellini’s face during and after Tuesday night’s game were not surprised by this morning’s decision.   Chris

Mark Sheldon’s story at the Reds site is the place to start. Regarding the rest of the coaches: There was no announcement regarding changes on the coaching staff. “That will be determined after we hire a manager,” Jocketty said. “Several of them are still under contract. Once we hire a manager, then we’ll review the coaches […]

“In Dusty’s five seasons here he’s taken us to the postseason twice and has proven he can lead our teams to championship-caliber play on the field. He’s the right manager to continue the building process that will take us deeper and deeper into the playoffs in the future.”            —Bob Castellini, Reds President and CEO On […]

Writing about baseball on the internet (either above or below the line), is a funny sort of thing for the way it tends to polarize and calcify our opinions about topics even if they aren’t ultimately that big of a deal, or even if we don’t actually know very much about the question when you […]

The canary in the coal mine died yesterday, March 22, 2013. Time of death: 12:41pm EST. Cause of death yet unknown. Dusty Baker has been taken in for questioning. Whenever I walk around New York City during the work week, I’ll occasionally see an interesting sight—a large inflatable rat, fifteen or more feet in height, […]