Hamilton, Duvall, Schebler, Winker…four names to occupy three spots in the Reds’ outfield. At the end of the day it’s a good problem to have, but the Reds’ front office will have to make some decisions in the near future regarding what they want their outfield of the future to look like. Although it’s a […]

Ever since we started this most recent rebuild, the Reds have told us to BE CALM and DON’T WORRY, because (and repeat this with me now) “There is a plan.” This plan allegedly includes graphs and charts and other implements of destruction printed up on glossy paper in an official binder somewhere in Great American […]

Two new lengthy articles about the Reds in the etherverse. Warning, they won’t pick up your Hot Stove spirits. Veteran baseball writer, Richard Justice, jumps belatedly into the Joey Votto “great or amazingly great?” debate. Justice comes down on the side of amazingly great and has harsh words for anyone who suggests Votto should change […]