As the baseball season winds to an end and attention starts turning to football, the Reds (63-84) are quietly heading to Chicago this weekend looking to make some sort of impact in the NL Central race — even if it’s not the type of impact they hoped for when the season began. They’re set to […]

The 1982 baseball season was one of the worst ever for the Cincinnati Reds. They lost 102 games just six years after winning consecutive World Championships. And thanks to the incredible resurgence of the current Reds, a hundred losses isn’t gonna happen in 2018. Far from it. They’re going in the right direction. But you […]

Over the last calendar year, representing 580 plate appearances, Reds shortstop Jose Peraza has hit .287/.339/.366 with 151 hits, 18 doubles and 3 triples, 72 runs scored and 46 RBI. He has stolen 25 bases (and was caught stealing 5 times). Peraza is never going to be Barry Larkin at the plate (and he may […]

Seth Shaner is an occasional contributor to Redleg Nation. His last piece was about Raisel Iglesias, starting pitcher. You can find him on Twitter here. Sparked by the recent effort by the Washington Nationals to turn their season around, one question entered my mind. Do players only meetings work? I’ll give you the short answer. […]

Bryan Price was relieved of his duties on April 19, and since that day, Jim Riggleman has handled the reins. While Price compiled an admirable three wins against 18 losses, Riggleman has risen to the occasion, proving his mettle and superior managerial instincts with a 31-31 record at the helm. Riggleman is the next Sparky […]

Football is often called a “game of inches,” and last night, we all saw how baseball can be, too. Although the Reds (25-44) had plenty of chances to score more than two runs, they were still on the verge of tying the game in the ninth inning with Billy Hamilton on second base and Joey […]

I am on special assignment this week making sure the ocean is still there, so no Championship Track. Instead, please enjoy this piece about how Joey Votto is good. I spend a lot of time clicking around and playing with numbers and trying to look at the different ways we can define a player as […]

With Father’s Day approaching, we wanted to bring you a piece of the book that will hit home with all fathers and sons. This excerpt from The Big 50: Cincinnati Reds by Chad Dotson and Chris Garber is presented with the permission of Triumph Books. For more information and to order a copy, please visit Ken Griffey […]

Imagine three young players get called up for a month or so. It’s for that clichéd cup of first experience as a major leaguer. Here’s what they produce:  Player 1 hits .283/.320/.403 wRC+ of 94 (in 41 games, 169 PA) Player 2 hits .224/.320/.466 wRC+ of 118 (in 57 games, 200 PA) Player 3 hits […]

At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Anthony DeSclafani was making his first start in a Reds uniform since September, 2016. And I’d heard all the pessimism on the radio. It had been so long since AD had pitched. There was the oblique injury. The elbow injury. The oblique again. The Reds have seemed so […]

Imagine, for a minute, that you make it to the major leagues and you’re just 19 years old. Imagine you hit a grand slam home run in your second game. Imagine you win a starting position as a 20-year old and put together a WAR of 6.5 and only one other player in baseball history […]

I’ll begin with a confession: Twice in the past 27 years, I actually considered becoming a Dodgers fan. The first time was as a 13-year-old in November of 1991, when Eric Davis was traded. As I touched on this in my introductory Redleg Nation column last year, I’ll let cut and paste do their jobs: […]