A few weeks ago, the Reds inducted Pete Rose into the Reds Hall of Fame and retired his #14 jersey. It was, at last, an MLB-sanctioned chance for Cincinnati to celebrate and honor their troubled favorite son. It also provided an opportunity for a beleaguered manager and a sentimental newspaperman to look at baseball through. . […]

[This post is an introduction to The New Run Environment, a series at Redleg Nation in which our authors tackle the causes, impacts and possible solutions to the recent decline in run scoring in MLB.] Run scoring in major league baseball has declined by 16 percent over the past nine seasons, from 4.86 runs per […]

[This post was written by Justin Berg, who has his own website at Bergonsports.com and @bergonsports on Twitter. Thanks, Justin. — spm] It’s the two hundred million dollar question on everyone’s mind: Will Joey Votto ever be the same hitter? I played golf recently with two good friends, both are huge Reds fans, one is […]

In the film Chinatown, there’s a memorable exchange between private detective Jake Gittes, played by a young Jack Nicholson, and an aging Noah Cross, the monstrous antagonist played with glorious depravity by John Huston. Their conversation, about the excesses of Cross’s wealth, goes like this: Gittes: How much are you worth? More than 10 million? Cross: Oh […]

The Reds are 7-7 when Scott Rolen plays this year. They’re 1-4 when he’s out. They were 27-13 in his games last year, after the trade. In the 20 games Rolen missed after joining the Reds, they were 6-14. So, in Rolen’s three months, the Reds are 30-24 (.556) with him, 7-25 (.213) without him. […]

Ed. Today begins a new Redleg Nation feature that will take us up through the July non-waiver trade deadline. Steve is going to be reviewing trades from the Reds’ history, good and bad.

December 15, 1900….Christy Mathewson traded to the New York Giants for pitcher Amos Rusie.

Any list of bad Reds trades has to start at the turn of the century with this awful deal, the worst trade in Reds history. Mathewson had a 1900 trial with the New York Giants, going 0-3, when he was assigned to the minor leagues. The Reds drafted him in the rule 5 draft, and turned around and dealt him a few days later back to the Giants for starting pitcher Amos Rusie.

Rusie was a future Hall of Famer who had endured some serious contract squabbles with the Giants front office before blowing out his arm in 1898. Continue reading

Part three of early July history…this will get the Reds up through July 10th….thanks again to the books “Day by Day in Reds History” by Floyd Conner and John Snyder and “Redleg Journal” by Greg Rhodes and John Snyder.

July 6…1883….The Reds crush Baltimore, 23-0 as Will White hurls a four-hitter. White goes 43-22 with a 2.09 ERA, including six shutouts, 577 innings, and 64 complete games in 64 starts.

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