Last week, I had an opportunity to visit New York City again and it was a blast. (It always is.) Saw a couple of Broadway musicals, a couple of concerts, a Tottenham Hotspur soccer game…and the Reds happened to be in town, as well. I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to check out the […]

It’s a fun question to ponder, but settling on an answer was harder than I expected. I’ve never witnessed a no-hitter or perfect game, never seen someone homer four times or collect hit #4,192, and never experienced division-clinching walk-off heroics. After mentally rewinding through three decades of fandom (and taking a quick glance through some […]

When the rumor broke Thursday that the Washington Nationals had expressed to the Reds interest in Raisel Iglesias, I had a foot out the door about to leave town for 48 hours. I wrote a short news post and offered a couple sentences about a potential deal. Let me elaborate as we wait for another […]

I was happy to see Steve recently reference Norm Charlton’s contributions as a starter during Cincinnati’s 1990 World Championship season. Twenty-seven years later, most Reds fans remember Charlton as a Nasty Boy, a hard-throwing setup man (and occasional Mike Scioscia bulldozer) who set the stage commendably for his fellow Nasties Rob Dibble and Randy Myers. […]

Do you recall, brothers and sisters, do you recall the glorious month of April? It shone as a beacon of reason for those who had suffered through sweltering summers of legitimate discontent. A sunlit base path to logical use of relief pitching. Indeed, April was a triumphant time for bullpen use by the Cincinnati Reds. […]

One-third of the 2017 baseball season is in the record books. To the surprise and delight of many, the Cincinnati Reds are 25-30 and within 4 games of first place in the NL Central division. Because this has taken place alongside the glorious struggles by the Cubs, Cardinals and Pirates, the Reds’ near-.500 start has […]

I vividly remember the joy of watching the Reds pitching staff during the 2010-2013 run as youngsters blossomed, and Bronson Arroyo arroyoed the competition. One night, Johnny Cueto would embarrass hitters with his ridiculous changeup and quick pitches. He even added that silly, little wiggle to his windup at some point. That was awesome. The […]

Once upon a time, in a not too distant sitcom, there was a young man named Ben Wyatt. Wyatt, only 18-years-old at the time, was elected mayor of his hometown, Partridge, Minnesota because of his impressive political talent. While he had a natural ability to sway or manipulate voters into electing him, his inexperience governing anything […]

With analytics becoming more prevalent in baseball, the popularity of the save has diminished in recent years. The logic behind this is fairly simple: why save your best reliever for the very last inning when a turning point in the game may come in the sixth, seventh, or eighth inning? Yet, many managers still refuse […]

I’m sorry, you don’t trade Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Jay Bruce, Todd Frazier, Aroldis Chapman and Brandon Phillips and then give us Scott Feldman. But that’s what happened Monday when Bryan Price announced Feldman would take the mound for the Reds on Opening Day. Major league baseball teams choose Opening Day starters in advance for […]

Editor’s Note: I hope you will join me in welcoming Clay Marshall to the Redleg Nation family. Clay is an exceptionally talented writer, and I’m really excited that he’ll be giving us his thoughts from the west coast this season. Please make Clay feel welcome! — Chad Dotson “You say yes, I say no You […]

The Reds played the Kansas City Royals today at Surprise Stadium in Surprise, AZ. The Royals share the ballpark with the Texas Rangers. Surprise is a Phoenix exurb about 30 minutes north of Goodyear. Surprise Stadium offers considerably more shade than Goodyear. My third row seat behind the Reds dugout was without direct sun the […]