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This Day in Reds History: 1869’s Undefeated; MacPhail Begins; and Larkin Wins the Shortstop Job

November 6, 1869: The Cincinnati Red Stockings win their 57th and final “official” game of the 1869 season, 17-8, over the Mutuals of New York. Hall of Fame shortstop George Wright had six hits, including two home runs, and scored six runs to lead the Cincinnati squad to their 57th consecutive win. The Mutuals did … Continue reading

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Redleg Trade Review: Danny Jackson for Kurt Stillwell and not Barry Larkin

November 6, 1987: Danny Jackson is traded by the Kansas City Royals with Angel Salazar to the Cincinnati Reds for Ted Power and Kurt Stillwell. Okay, so Barry Larkin wasn’t traded here, but he’s still germaine to the conversation as the big news here was the Reds chose the right shortstop to trade and it … Continue reading