At what point the Reds-Giants seventeen-inning marathon did you realize that this was dumb and you hated yourself? Probably about the same time both teams made the same discovery: “Both these teams hate you,” someone confirmed on Twitter. As inning after inning wore on, Twitter became that one table at the bar everyone wanders up […]

Nick Kirby, one of our most prolific and dedicated writers, is getting married today! Here is a photo he posted a little while ago on Twitter: Maybe the Reds will come through with a win in Milwaukee to celebrate Nick’s marriage. Hey Nick, warm wishes and best of luck from the gang at Redleg Nation! […]

A Cincinnati Thanksgiving tradition … The Editors

Kudos to our friends at Red Reporter. Yes, the post is about the “wooooo” and there aren’t many subjects that tire me more than complaints about that particular cheer at Great American Ballpark. Here’s my opinion: I don’t care about the “wooooo” either way. If it went away forever, I’d be fine with that. But […]

I love it. Absolutely love the Wooooo. It’s dumb fun, and I love seeing Reds fans having fun at the ballpark. Who cares that they did it in Pittsburgh? It was an organic thing in Cincinnati on the night all the dogs came to the park. Now Reds fans are even doing it on the […]