I’m sure that at least once in human history, Christmas has fallen on a Monday, but not within my immediate memory. Because I would remember the absolute Mass placement hysteria every single Catholic is experiencing right now. The feast day, which one of Mass obligation, is not waived. And neither is the 4th Sunday of […]

Mike Leake and Stephen Strasburg face each other in tonight’s game between the Reds and Washington Nationals. The two players were contemporaries in college and each from the San Diego area. They were both drafted in 2009. As I wrote in the series preview, Stephen Strasburg and Mike Leake were teammates on the San Diego […]

Any venture capitalists out there? Somebody with some spare cash burning a hole in his pocket? Hey. Charlie Sheen’s a huge baseball guy and a serious Cincinnati Reds fan. He’s got wads of cash to invest in a project that would surely be a big hit with the young up-and-coming sabermetric minds currently upsetting the apple cart in traditional […]

Wily Mo Pena turned 30 today. Happy birthday, big fella. I would have guessed he was older…just something that I found surprising. Talk about a guy whose agent didn’t do him any favors on his first contract…WOW! Bill LackI’ve been a Reds fan since the late ’60’s, with my luck of being able to attend […]

Anyone wondering whatever happened to 2002 first rounder Chris Gruler – the guy Johnny Bench claimed had better stuff than Tom Seaver? I thought of him today when I saw that 2002 overall #1 (Gruler was #3) Bryan Bullington had a career game yesterday for KC. That was an awful draft all-around, though Zack Greinke […]