Todd Frazier has had a lot in common with the Reds this year. When he was good, they were in the hunt. When he cooled off, the season came crashing down. As he stands right now, Frazier’s 2014 numbers are not so different from his 2012 breakout numbers. A 123 wRC+ is pretty great at […]

Jay Bruce has had a disappointing season. After what felt like a 2013 in which he took a few steps forward, 2014 has seen him taking at least as many back. Indeed, if you had bet on Bruce being in the same slugging territory as Billy Hamilton in mid August, you could have made a […]

Since Nick wrote about Mesoraco and his place in Reds history a few days ago, I thought now was a perfect time to break down his game piece by piece. Nick pretty well covered the basic numbers, so I won’t go into those. Instead, I’m going to jump right in to the more advanced stats. […]

Having gotten tired of trying to write about the entire, sputtering offense and having reached a point in the season where we can have some idea of what players are doing, I’ve decided to take the next several weeks (I’m going to do this until I get tired of it) and look in depth at […]

The thing about writing a weekly column about how a team that can’t hit hits is that even when you’ve been gone for two weeks, you material doesn’t really change. It’s a lot of poop. Twenty-nine offensive players have come to bat for the Reds this year. Twenty-nine. Now, guess how many of them have […]

“Pinch hitting for Jason Linden… Chris Garber. Garber” What a week to get to write about the Reds offense. In their first five games after the All-Star break, the Reds have “hit” .186/.238/.342. Five games, 11 runs scored, and five ugly losses. As we say too often around here, TOS. What can you say about an offense that […]

[Jason Linden is on vacation, so I’m pinch-hitting for him in his Wednesday column about the Reds’ offense.] Let’s take a look at the Reds offense at the All-Star break in 2014 compared to 2013. Table 1 compares the two teams on basic offensive numbers. Table 1 The bottom line of Runs scored shows nearly […]

Something impossible is happening. The Reds are contending despite getting basically nothing from Joey Votto. This, as you all know, has happened thanks to triumveral emergence of Todd Frazier, Devin Mesoraco, and Billy Hamilton. But the Reds are going to see some significant time without Votto around. First base is a not typically a position […]

I like to be contrary. I can’t help it. When the Reds were down, I generally wrote a bunch about what was going right or what figured to turn around soon. Now that the Reds are up, it’s time (for me) to look at what isn’t going right. This column, therefore, is about all that is […]

Very shortly, the Reds will reach the halfway point in the season. As you are no doubt aware, they just peaked (or peeked) over .500 for the first time all year. They’ve been playing great lately and have been a joy to watch. But as the first half comes to a close, it’s interesting to […]

Todd Frazier, you may have noted, is having himself a year. He is, in fact, having so much of a year that he is on pace to generate more than six wins above replacement. He is near the top of the league in numerous offensive categories, including home runs where he is third. He has, […]

Something magical just happened. Joey Votto just came back into our lives. Everything changes now. This isn’t a column about where Joey Votto should hit or about whether his power is or isn’t there. In fact, I’m not going to mention batting order at all because I don’t really care about batting order. For now, […]