Joey Votto had 97 plate appearances in April. In these plate appearances, Votto posted a .423 on-base percentage, 1.069 OPS, a 15.5% walk rate and was only making an out in 66.1% of all balls put in play. His BABIP was .339. In 92 plate appearances in May, Votto has a .326 on-base percentage, .610 OPS, a 10.9% […]

According to modern thinking about player aging curves, hitters begin to decline as soon as they reach the big leagues. Yet, Todd Frazier, at the age of 29, seems to be beating the odds by posting a career best 143 wRC+ and 1.9 WAR though a quarter of the season. Is Frazier’s new production destined to […]

In sports, players and coaches grumble about imperfect calls. American tennis great John McEnroe used to shout “You cannot be serious!” at line judges and chair umpires to express his dissatisfaction with their calls. Lou Pinella would get in the face of umpires. Bobby Knight threw chairs. While watching at home, the center-field camera provides a perfect […]

As of the conclusion of business Wednesday, the Reds had completed 16% of their 2015 campaign. Here are two of the more interesting story lines from this young season: 1. Zack Cozart, superstar? In 38 plate appearances in 2011, Cozart broke into the show with a hot bat (122 wRC+) and slick glove. Yet from 2012 through 2014, […]

This picture is a standard MLB aging curve (using wRC+, full chart here) and Jay Bruce. Anyone who has been paying attention over the past two years knows which line represents which. Jay Bruce’s MLB career has created two competing narratives: Jay Bruce was hitting at an all-star level from during his prime (24-26) and […]

As of this morning, the Reds have completed 10% of their 2015 season. Even with that many games in the books, it is still too early to make accurate predictions about how players will perform at the plate. That said, we can start to look at indicator statistics and try to parse through the tealeaves […]

As of this morning, the Reds have completed 5.5% of their 2015 season. Here is how they’ve done at the plate: It is still too early to make much use of these numbers other than as justifications for our own beliefs. For example, I find it hard to believe that Devin Mesoraco will continue to put […]

It’s way too early to make any meaningful predictions about the Reds offense based on a few at-bats. Instead, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some Reds records and make predictions if any member of our current roster has a chance at making Reds’ history.

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Welcome to thinking inside the box! Every Friday this column will discuss a timely aspect of the Reds offensive (hopefully not truly offensive) attempts at the plate. Seeing how hitting is one of the most visible aspects of baseball (so much so it overshadowed other measures of offensive value for almost 100 years), we talk a lot about hitting here at Redleg Nation. A few days ago, Steve posted “Oh, BP” and the day before Jason posted “Can We Stop Already?” We like to talk about Joey Votto’s long walk to first almost as much as we like to talk about moving Chapman to the rotation (which I absolutely agree with, but that’s not what this column is about).

Both people who read my columns last year already know this, but I’m a bit of a fan of all things statistics. I spend more time than my adviser would like perusing Fangraphs and trying to pull together insights into the Reds hitting strategies and performance. If you are looking to engage in the three letter acronym debate of RBIs and OBP, Friday mornings, this column probably isn’t the best place. This debate is best performed here.

So you might be wondering how this column will approach hitting stats. At the end of the day, I think value measurements can come down to two criteria: reliability and consistency. The first measure asks if we are actually measuring what we are looking for. In the case of hitting metrics, we are looking for the relationship between the hitter and scoring runs. Continue reading

Hi kids, it’s been a heckuva season. Or something. I suppose, given the timing, I could squeeze one or maybe two more columns out of this year, but there’s not much left to say. So after this, I’m calling it for the season. Today, I thought it would be fun to look forward and see […]

With the Reds out of post-season contention, our attention has turned primarily to individual achievements — Johnny Cueto’s pursuit of the Cy Young, Billy Hamilton competing for Rookie of the Year and Aroldis Chapman setting various all-time records. One of the most positive developments for the Reds in 2014 has been Devin Mesoraco’s breakout season at […]

Readers, I am running out of steam. This season is drawing to a close and I am tired. I’m also running out of players who’ve played anything like a full season (hooray injuries!). I do still have Billy Hamilton, though. First, let’s start with this, if you don’t think this has been a successful rookie […]