Billy Hamilton stole second off Yadi Molina on the first pitch.  Hamilton had entered the game in the 7th inning to pinch run for Ryan Ludwick. Todd Frazier drove in Hamilton for the game’s only score. Chris Heisey took Ludwick’s place in left field. Homer Bailey, for the second time in a week, shut out […]

[This post was submitted by loyal Nation member Matt Habel. Thanks, Matt!] This post came about from a commenter who posed the question, “Does the Reds winning coincide with Billy getting on base?” It is certainly an intriguing question which anecdotally would seem to have a very obvious answer and has even been brought up […]

This article is about Billy Hamilton, a lightning-fast centerfielder known for his insane stolen base totals and stellar defense. He holds several stolen base records and is a member of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Wait, what? That is not the Billy Hamilton we know and love here in Redleg Nation. It turns out […]

Billy Hamilton’s rookie season has been Topic A for many Reds fans and Redleg Nation has reflected that prominence. Jason Linden projected that Hamilton would hit .255/.315/.330 in his season preview and Jason revisited the young center fielder’s season in May, June and September. Regarding stolen bases, Brian Erts set the context for our expectations in his detailed analysis of history’s greatest base […]

Who is Billy Hamilton? Is he the electrifying second-coming of Tim Raines? Or is he Usain Bolt in baseball spikes? Will he force comparisons to the Billy Hamilton who stole 111 bases in 1891? Or will we someday talk about him in the same expectorant breath as Willie Taveras? Right now, this very minute, who […]

[Edit.: This thought-provoking post was submitted by loyal Nation member, Ben Rubin. You may remember Ben for posting his account from Behind Enemy Baselines at Citi Field in New York. Ben is a Cincinnati native, currently living in Jersey City, New Jersey, where he is a graduate student and adjunct professor of writing. Thanks for your […]

A defensive play is at least five times as hard to make as an offensive play. An error by a fielder can come from a bad throw, a bad hop of the ball, the muff of an easy chance, or a mix-up of responsibility between a shortstop and second basemen, or two outfielders, on a […]

Think about this for a second. The Reds played a crucial baseball game against the St. Louis Cardinals last night. Only one run was scored and it was by Billy Hamilton. As most every Reds’ fan knows by now, Billy Hamilton is one of the top prospects in the Reds’ organization. He was converted from […]