Jason Linden joined me this week to discuss the firing of Reds manager Bryan Price, and what it means for the current version of the ol’ Redlegs. We also did a deep dive into our expectations for the rest of the 2018 season, and we even passed a little judgment on the current state of […]

Jason Linden joined me this week to discuss the Cincinnati Reds’ horrific start, and whether anything can be salvaged from this season. (Short answer: plenty to be optimistic about.) We also discussed the managerial failings of Bryan Price, and his future with the Redlegs. That was a less optimistic conversation. Music for this episode provided […]

A rough start for the Reds has some fans thinking that these are the same old Cincinnati Reds that have lost 90+ games the last three seasons. Jason Linden and I examined precisely that question, and come to some conclusions. Plus, we show some love for the Nation, an incredible and passionate community of Reds […]

It’s a special edition of Redleg Nation Radio! I was was joined by frequent podcast co-host — and one of the greatest guys on earth — Bill Lack for a special episode to discuss “The Big 50: The Men and Moments that made the Cincinnati Reds,” the new book written by Chris Garber, with a […]

I was joined this week by Jason Linden to preview the 2018 Cincinnati Reds season, on the eve of Opening Day. The topic of conversation: why the Reds are going to make the playoffs this year. We also made a bunch of predictions about 2018, including a guess about the Reds’ final record (you’re gonna […]

After a relatively quiet spring, we finally have some actual news about the Cincinnati Reds. Lots of cuts have been made, players have been released and sent to Triple-A, Nick Senzel will be playing second base at Louisville, and Eugenio Suarez has signed an outstanding long-term contract. Jason Linden and I had some fun discussing […]

Jason Linden joined me again this week to discuss everything that’s happening in Redleg Nation. The primary topic: after this week’s injury news involving pitchers Anthony DeSclafani and Brandon Finnegan, are the Reds in for a repeat of 2017’s bad luck? Also…is there a method to manager Bryan Price’s spring lineup madness? Music for this […]

I was joined this week by my most frequent co-host, Editor Emeritus of Redleg Nation Bill Lack. The discussion keeps returning to the likelihood of the Reds being a .500 club (or better!) in 2018. Bill also asks why there are so few open competitions for spots in the lineup this spring, especially given how […]

Doug Gray joined me again to talk about everything that’s happening out in Cincinnati Reds spring training. Of note: some young pitchers are looking very good, and almost all the pitchers are healthy. How excited should we be about that? On the other end of the spectrum, we discussed the single thing that could happen […]

This season, I will be joining ESPN 1530‘s James Rapien regularly to discuss the Cincinnati Reds on the new daily Locked On Reds podcast. In my first weekly appearance, James and I discussed Joey Votto, Billy Hamilton, the team signing Ben Revere and much more. Plus, Votto wonders if it is a “nipple thing?” Please subscribe to the […]

Jason Linden joined me again this week for another rousing episode of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast. We began by following up on last week’s glorious discussion about the possibility of Nick Senzel as the potential starting shortstop of the Cincinnati Reds. Quickly, however, we moved on to Joey Votto’s recent comments that something has […]

Jason Linden joined me again this week for a discussion of the most exciting news we’ve heard here in Redleg Nation for quite some time. I’m talking, of course, about the fact that uber-prospect Nick Senzel is working out at shortstop this spring. How does this change the way we look at the Cincinnati Reds […]