Bill Lack and I got together again for Bill’s 101st appearance on the Redleg Nation Radio podcast and, once again, we had entirely too much fun. This week’s discussion: Robert Stephenson’s hard head collides with the new “Winning Culture” of the Cincinnati Reds. Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds fan and […]

I’m back from vacation, Jason Linden joined me to discuss the lack of activity at the trade deadline for the Cincinnati Reds. While recording, we discovered that Reds uber-prospect Hunter Greene was injured and is out for the season. It’s not my fault! Lots of fun on this week’s episode. Enjoy! Music for this episode […]

More than four years ago, Jesse Winker — then a raw prospect in the Cincinnati Reds minor league system — joined us for episode 104 of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast. It’s a fascinating interview with a kid who was finding his way on the road to the major leagues. Listen to Winker’s interview with […]

Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh is back on RNR! Bill Lack and Welsh engaged in a rousing discussion of where the Cincinnati Reds stand after a rollercoaster first half. This is Welsh’s ninth appearance on Redleg Nation Radio…and Bill’s 99th! Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds fan and a friend of Redleg […]

This week at Redleg Nation, we’re running a series of posts celebrating this year’s inductees into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame: Adam Dunn, Dave Bristol, and Fred Norman. Back in 2013, I had a chance to sit down with Fred Norman for a wide-ranging interview for Redleg Nation Radio. It was a lot of […]

Jason Linden and I got together for a far-reaching discussion of the Cincinnati Reds this week. With the Reds playing well into the All-Star break, and with the trade deadline looming, it’s time for some big decisions. We have all the answers. All of them. Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds […]

Bill Lack joined me again this week, and we discussed all the news surrounding the Cincinnati Reds. The team gets three All-Stars! What will they do at the trade deadline? Does the front office know what they’re doing? And what’s the deal with the recent announcement that Homer Bailey will be rejoining the rotation soon? […]

Jason Linden and I discuss the biggest surprise of the 2018 Reds season — a player who just might end up being a Hall of Famer, according to Jason. This episode is a thrill-packed, exciting look at a Cincinnati Reds season that has become fun all of a sudden. Music for this episode provided by […]

Jason Linden joined me again this week for a rousing discussion of everything surrounding Cincinnati Reds baseball. First, we discussed the fact that the Reds are pretty much the best team in baseball right now. Next, it was an analysis of the current demand among some Reds fans (and writers) to sign interim manager Jim […]

We already recorded one podcast this week — this really fun episode in which Bill Lack and I solved all the problems facing the Reds. (And it must have worked, since they haven’t lost since.) You should give that one a listen. Given the latest news about Nick Senzel’s injury, however, Jason Linden and I […]

Bill Lack joined me this week to discuss the suddenly resurgent Cincinnati Reds, and dive into seven easy steps to ensure that the Reds are contenders in 2019. Is the Cincinnati front office listening? Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds fan and a friend of Redleg Nation. You can listen […]

On this week’s episode, I had a great conversation with author John Erardi about his latest book, “Tony Perez: From Cuba to Cooperstown.” It’s a fantastic read, and our conversation was a lot of fun as we dug into Perez’ life and career and much more. You can purchase the book at all area bookstores, […]