If you listened to our most recent podcast with Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh (and if you haven’t, go listen to it now!), you heard Welsh talk about his new Baseball Rules Academy project. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent some time digging around the site, and I have to say: I’m very impressed. […]

Mark Donahue is the author of Last At Bat, a novel about a baseball player named Dylan Michael who plays for the Cincinnati Reds. Mark was kind enough to answer a few questions. If any of you have further questions for Mark, please write them in the comments section.   To buy Last At Bat, click […]

Mark Donahue contacted me a few weeks ago about selling his novel, Last At Bat, at our site. I wanted to read it first before I committed to do that. We don’t use much advertising. Every once in a while, we sell our own shirts or hats, but that’s been it all season. Well, I just […]

Joel Luckhaupt’s new book,“100 Things Reds Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die”, is a must read for every Reds fan. From the current Reds fan to whom the Big Red Machine is ancient history, to older fans who remember Reds in the 50’s and 60’s, from the stat-heads, to people that want to […]

(Editor: RN’s Bill Lack reviewed this book recently. Steve read it, as well; his thoughts are below.)

In baseball, where seas of statistics seem to remove the emotional aspect of the game, a new book by writer Doug Wilson removes all doubt that America’s pastime is played with the human element.

Fred Hutchinson and the 1964 Cincinnati Reds” tells the emotionally gripping story of Cincinnati Reds manager Fred Hutchinson’s battle with terminal cancer while his team battles for the National League pennant.

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One of the benefits of being involved with this blog is that periodically we get books to review. Recently I received a book, which will be released in January, entitled Fred Hutchinson and the 1964 Cincinnati Reds, by Doug Wilson. Mr. Wilson is an ophthalmologist who lives in Columbus, Indiana. I grew up in Cincinnati […]

Today is part two of my review, or summary of the player summaries, for the new 2010 Baseball Prospectus book. Today we feature the pitching staff (we did the hitters yesterday). Again, these are just a look at a handful of the entries for Reds players in the book; go buy it.

Bronson Arroyo–doesn’t have ace stuff, but the best league-average innings muncher

Homer Bailey–rededicated himself to his craft, prioritizing his workouts over hunting, with a focus on simplifying his mechanics and learning the splitter from Justin Lehr; now close to realizing his potential

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Baseball Prospectus 2010 has been released and projects more than 1600 players for 2010. No doubt, there will still be someone in spring training that makes a team by surprise, but it’s still an impressive display of statistical information, both historical and projectable in nature. Below is my effort to give you some one-line summary […]

I received both for Christmas and finished “The Machine” already…and am reading “Game Six” right now… Enjoyed “The Machine“…but believe I found at least one error..I don’t believe Waite Hoyt was on Reds Radio in the ’70’s…it went from Al Michaels to Marty along with Joe. He might have done TV for one season, but […]

Thirty-four years ago today, after three days of heavy rain, the Cincinnati Reds and Boston Red Sox were able to resume the World Series at Fenway Park. It was to become known as perhaps the greatest game in baseball history. It was Game Six. In celebration of that game, and the effect it had on […]

I received Joe Posnanski’s new book “The Machine” Friday night and finished the entire book by Saturday evening, all 280+ pages. As a child of the Big Red Machine era, I could not put the book down and found it fascinating. What I found most interesting was Posnanski’s tellling of the Machine personnel’s emotions during […]

–Baseball Prospectus had a recent outing at PNC Park, and our buddy Justin was there. Here’s his report, which includes a very interesting Q&A with the Pirates GM. Sounds like a good time was had by all. –Micah Owings got four stitches and had trouble hearing out of his left ear after getting beaned last […]