In Little League, no one wanted to play second base. Second sackers were too small to play first, too weak to make the throw from second or third, and too slow to cover the outfield. Playing second base was insulting. It was the coach calling you a runt and good-for-nothing small person in front of […]

Bryan Price was relieved of his duties on April 19, and since that day, Jim Riggleman has handled the reins. While Price compiled an admirable three wins against 18 losses, Riggleman has risen to the occasion, proving his mettle and superior managerial instincts with a 31-31 record at the helm. Riggleman is the next Sparky […]

As much as I want to write more about the Reds rebuild, or how the team will be good with one or two more prospects, or how maybe we just need (another) management change, I really don’t want to write about that. I can’t take it right now. Writing about the Reds at this point […]

Originally, this article was going to have nothing to do with the actual “Sleepless in Seattle” — besides the headline pun — but then I decided to refresh my memory on the movie’s plot and came across this one line summary: “A recently widowed man’s son calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find […]

By the time you’re reading this, I will have had my college degree conferred, thrown the cap, and taken pictures ad nauseum. In other words, currently I’m probably napping because 7 a.m. is just too early for a college student. Now, before continuing, I would like to apologize for that opening a) if it made […]

Let’s take a brief walk down pre-rebuild memory lane shall we: 2012: Reds win NL Central with record of 97-65, Braves take Wild Card No. 1 at 94-68 2013: Reds take Wild Card No. 2 at 90-72, Braves win NL East with 96-66 record 2014: Reds (76-86) and Braves (79-83) both miss playoffs, respective rebuilds begin By the […]

Well, now that Bryan Price is gone, the Reds are sure to make the postseason! Right? They only have to win…wait, 3-15?!? This man managed the team to 3-15?! Is it even possible to make the playoffs at this point? So the short answer is: Yes and no. Before diving into the various semantics of […]

Tyler Mahle, bless his soul, blanked the Chicago “Cubs Gonna” Cubs for 6.0 innings this past week, allowing only one pseudo-hit to Javier Baez. It was a masterful performance, with a dollop of drama and a whole heaping serving of legacy-building. There was the Anthony Rizzo hit by pitch, replete with Chris Welsh’s underrated “you […]

Can you smell it? Can you smell the fresh cut grass, the hot dogs sizzling on their grills, the dirt rubbing against the newly minted leather? Can you hear the mowers whirring, the organ starting up, the smack of the ball against the bullpen catcher’s mitt? Or can you just feel it in your core, […]

Well this is it, folks. The last Regularly Scheduled Rain Delay of the 2017 Major League Baseball season. There’s been ups; there’s been downs; there’s been more downs and more downs and then the Reds finished with the fifth worst record in the league, which is an up from last year but a down in […]

First, I must apologize. Last week, I had the flu and thus no Rain Delay was Regularly Scheduled. Your weekly intake of lame jokes and annoyingly specific pop culture references was stripped right from your hands, and let’s be honest, most of you were probably happy to see it go. But now it’s back! Quiet […]

In the most recent chapter of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, the ghost of Steve Jobs has come back to undermine the very integrity of our national pastime! Or, you know, baseball finally moved into the 21st century with its age old practice of stealing signs. I’ve always found the outrage around one team or another’s […]