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Great American Ballpark

1999 Reds: When Sean Casey became The Mayor

On the field, Sean Casey could do everything but run. He could hit for average, hit for power, was a leader on the field and lefties didn't bother him a bit. Casey captivated Reds fans. And a lot of us remember him still today. The Mayor was a class act.
Chuck Harmon

The Chuck Harmon I Knew

Fresh out of law school in 1995, my first law job was as a clerk at the First District, Ohio Court of Appeals. I worked there for two years—from May 1995 to May 1997. Chuck was the bailiff there during that time, and it gave me an opportunity to talk to him any time I wanted. With the stories he told, wow, I sure wanted.
Riverfront Stadium (Photo: Rick Dikeman)

The day the Reds got Tom Seaver

For the first time since 1969, the Reds had an ace pitcher. The Reds had a stopper. A stud. A guy nobody wanted to face. A dominating pitcher that could anchor a pitching staff.