Monday morning, Redleg Nation will be featured on MLB Network as Matt Vasgersian and Billy Ripken interview me in connection with my post from a couple of weeks ago, When Great Isn’t Good Enough. Following Joe Posnanski’s shout out and David Schoenfield’s piece on ESPN, the boys on Hot Stove want to talk a little […]

It’s not just football teams that are hiring defensive coordinators. Forward-looking major league baseball teams have begun hiring coaches and/or assistants with that title and given the responsibility to study and coordinate advanced scouting and then assist the manager in getting players lined up. The concept is pretty simple. Hitters have tendencies where they hit […]

Even now, it remains curious and a bit confounding how this man has been received. So much excellence, so many hits, and yet so many conflicted feelings from the local fans. He would strike out. He would make an error. He’d hear about it in the stands. He’d hear it from the media the next […]

We all want to talk about what positions the Reds can upgrade this offseason. That is the fun part of the offseason. The Reds clearly had some holes offensively. You could make a case that outside of first base (Votto), center field (Choo), and right field (Bruce), every other position was sub-par offensively. You might […]

Jon Heyman (CBS, the guy who totally blew the Dusty Baker firing story) is reporting that the Yankees have kicked the tires on a trade for Brandon Phillips. The Yankees, looking to set themselves up in case star second baseman Robinson Cano signs elsewhere, have checked in with the Reds regarding Brandon Phillips and also asked about free-agent second baseman Omar Infante. Phillips is […]

Doug Gray (of joined me for a discussion of Doug’s recently-released list of the Top 25 prospects in the Reds organization. It’s a good discussion of the Reds minor league system. It’s also the 100th episode of the greatest podcast in the history of the universe. Enjoy! You can listen with the player at […]

Below is a transcript of much of Joey Votto’s conversation with Lance McAlister for those in Redleg Nation who may not have access to the podcast. Left out are a few of the opening remarks about Bryan Price, but it does reveal the bulk of the interview in areas of most interest by the Nation. […]

Ed.: Occasionally, we like to surrender the front page to guest authors. Today, loyal reader Daniel Matthews is making his second appearance; in January, he reported from the Reds Caravan stop in Louisville. Today, he had a few things to say about “The Cardinal Way.” If you’re like me, you are not only irked by […]

Question: Paul Daugherty, Enquirer: Aside from the obvious day to day things that a manager does, filing out a line-up card, setting a starting rotation, where do you think a manager these days has the biggest impact and where do you see yourself beyond the obvious as having the biggest impact on this team? Answer: […]

Various outlets, both national (Bob Nightengale, USA Today) and local, are reporting the Reds will announce Bryan Price as their manager tomorrow. Paul Daugherty’s early reaction. “I do think this team needs a manager with an edge. It doesn’t have to be overt. It can be as subtle as setting high expectations, and settling for nothing […]

The Reds have 8 players in the Arizona Fall League. They’re assigned to the Glendale Desert Dogs. As of this writing, they lead the Western Division by a game and a half with a record of 5-2-1 (a tie?) and have won 2 in a row. Pitchers Drew Hayes: After a disappointing season at Pensacola, […]

Any venture capitalists out there? Somebody with some spare cash burning a hole in his pocket? Hey. Charlie Sheen’s a huge baseball guy and a serious Cincinnati Reds fan. He’s got wads of cash to invest in a project that would surely be a big hit with the young up-and-coming sabermetric minds currently upsetting the apple cart in traditional […]