The MLB trade deadline was twenty-four hours off and rumors were thick like Fiona’s skin; this required responsible and serious sports columnists to carefully and constantly monitor unfolding player movements, analyzing cross-league action and quickly researching new personnel. Therefore, I wandered around a giant cave all day. Although practically raised in National Parks, I have […]

It’s a fun question to ponder, but settling on an answer was harder than I expected. I’ve never witnessed a no-hitter or perfect game, never seen someone homer four times or collect hit #4,192, and never experienced division-clinching walk-off heroics. After mentally rewinding through three decades of fandom (and taking a quick glance through some […]

Look, we all like Bronson Arroyo here. We also like unhittable pitching. We do not like seeing the quite likable Arroyo’s head whip around game after game to watch his pitches sail back over his head. Bronson Arroyo is 40 years old. So am I. I entered this world a month before he did. I […]

There exists a malady known as “refeeding syndrome,” in which a starving person experiences further physical distress after suddenly receiving nutrients. In other words, you can die from eating too much after eating too little. Watching a person in a Darth Vader costume trail through the festival ramps of Great American Ball Park this weekend […]

For more than a year, I’ve argued with myself about the money I ante up to the cable company every month to keep my favorite sports on my TV. The cost seems too much; but, I don’t want to give up my NHL hockey, British Premier League soccer, college football or most all, the Reds. Each […]

Unless under extreme circumstances such as attaining the occasional Super Bowl, we don’t welcome New Things very well here in Cincinnati. The tinsel Christmas decorations in downtown Cheviot are exactly the same ones from my childhood and for all I know date back to the first actual Christmas. This is why, when the Reds rocketed […]

My city is a city in which we throw a parade on the first day of baseball season. Also that parade features a giant fiberglass rooster, one which is carefully slotted into a car wash bay so as to look its best as it makes its way through the heart of downtown. My city is […]

Kevin Mitchell stood in the box against the San Francisco Giants in a close game. Mitchell was a modern-day Paul Bunyan, a blue collar hero with superhuman strength. Earlier in the game, he hit a ball so far that the hometown Reds fans were too shocked to respond for several seconds. The crowd tensed as […]

Former #Reds groundskeeper Matty Schwab receives Gary Vanden Berg Award. 🔗: — Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) January 20, 2017 We have a soft spot for former Reds groundskeeper Matty Schwab here at Redleg Nation. And now he’s officially a Hall of Famer: Schwab, who was the Reds’ park superintendent from 1903-63, will be the […]

Every night, as a kid, I listened to the Reds on 700 WLW. Every night. Without fail. Some nights, particularly those when the Reds played teams on the west coast, my parents would tell me to go to bed round about the sixth or seventh inning, just as things were getting good. “Awww, Mom! Come […]

I spent the Independence Day weekend in our nation’s capital (Washington, D.C., for those of you who flunked Civics), and it was a good time, as always. I lived in that town for three years during the 90s, and it holds a special place in my heart. Since I was with my family on this […]

Yesterday I made a dropoff at the door of Good Samaritan Hospital, and saw a man trundling from the parking garage, holding a tiny outfit on a plastic hanger, tags dangling from the little arm. I had the following reactions: -“THERE’S A NEW BABY IN THE WORLD THAT’S SO AWESOME I WANT TO MEET THE […]